British politics

British politics

14 December 2005

Bringing democracy into disrepute

The quangocracy’s case against London Mayor Ken Livingstone should be thrown out of court.

15 November 2005

Knee-jerk rebellion

Tony Blair's parliamentary no-men are little more than political saboteurs.

11 November 2005

A bad day for Blair - an even worse one for liberty

MPs may have given the prime minister a bloody nose, but they knocked freedom out for the count.

3 November 2005

Mobile MPs: the health debate

What do members of parliament think about the UK's precautionary approach to mobile phones and masts?

2 November 2005

They should have dropped the Code of Conduct, not the minister

The manufactured scandal over David Blunkett's earnings shows up the problem of over-regulation.

1 November 2005

This is no way to bring down Bush and Blunkett

The scandal-mongering that passes for politics on both sides of the Atlantic means no one is ever truly held to account.

6 September 2005

BBC: get back in your box

The controversy over John Humphrys' after-dinner speech reveals some unappetising truths about journalism.

2 September 2005

Ken Clarke and the suicide bomber

Should critics of Blair's foreign policy take their lead from an old Tory and an Islamist fantasist?

1 September 2005

Muslim students: taught to complain

A conference of young Muslims played up their victimhood to an audience of political and media luminaries.

30 August 2005

Behind the ‘bra wars’

Making sense of the EU-China spat over textiles.