British politics

British politics

8 October 2007

‘Bottler Brown’ — the PM British politics deserves

Some snap thoughts on the UK election that didn’t snap in the night.

5 October 2007

A tyranny of experts

In outsourcing their authority to international institutions, governments bypass the democratic process and treat their publics as simpletons.

3 October 2007

Enough to tax the patience of a saint

If George Osborne's plan to reform inheritance tax is the Tories' big idea, politics is dead and buried before the election campaign even begins.

3 October 2007

Bloodless on the conference floor

Just when we thought the knives were out for Tory leader David Cameron, talk of an election has rallied the troops - for now.

25 September 2007

Election: the question is not when, but why and what?

Whenever Gordon Brown calls the UK general election, one result already seems clear: a landslide defeat for political debate.

24 September 2007

Jumping over the citizenship hurdle

In testing immigrants on housing, banking and saints' days, the UK Citizenship Test sucks all the zest out of what it means to be a citizen.

19 September 2007

Liberal Democrats: same 'old' story

The British press is harassing Lib Dem leader Ming Campbell about his age, but it is British politics in general that is in a decrepit state.

4 September 2007


Tory party

28 August 2007

Can’t we leave Rhys Jones alone?

Who would try to exploit the senseless murder of an 11-year-old to promote their agenda? Well…

22 August 2007

Philip Lawrence: hard cases make bad law

The furore over the decision not to deport the killer of a headmaster from the UK is being used to promote a dangerous idea: victims’ justice.