British politics

British politics

9 January 2007

‘Issue politics’? This is issue-avoidance politics

From Ruth Kelly's school choice to the footage of Saddam's hanging: why do we discuss everything but 'the thing' itself?

8 January 2007

The government is for turning

As U-turn follows U-turn, New Labour is looking more and more like a party devoid of direction.

6 December 2006

Trident: a damp squib of a debate

What could be even more pathetic than Blair’s case for renewing Britain’s nuclear deterrent? How about his opponents’ arguments.

27 November 2006

Toynbee and the tossers

The Tories' adoption of Guardianista Polly Toynbee as their latest guru shows how degraded is contemporary thinking on equality.

17 November 2006

Who should be crowned King of the Killjoys?

From turning off the Christmas lights to cutting down conker trees: we want your nominations for Miserabilist of the Year.

15 November 2006

Queen’s speech: an appointment with fear

Blair's legacy will be a government defined by insecurity, internal confusion and the petty regulation of our lives.

19 October 2006

Politics as therapy

You don't have to be mad to work for New Labour, but it helps.

18 October 2006

Generals Against the War?

The head of the British Army giving the elected government its marching orders over Iraq is nothing to cheer about.

6 October 2006

Now New Labour bases health policy on old jokes

Read spiked editor Mick Hume's Notebook in The Times (London).

3 October 2006

The Not-Norman-Tebbit Party

Can Cameron's Conservatives pull off the remarkable feat of appearing even more of an empty shell than New Labour?