British politics

British politics

13 March 2008

Swearing an oath of allegiance to me

The attacks on the proposal that schoolkids should swear an oath to Queen Elizabeth II were driven more by narcissism than republicanism.

12 March 2008

The Budget: a cheap excuse for politics

The narcoleptic discussion of New Labour’s financial plans should act as a wake-up call about the crisis of democratic debate.

6 March 2008

A Hodge-podge approach to high culture

With Margaret Hodge slamming the Proms as too posh, and schools spoonfeeding children ‘quality culture’, it's clear New Labour doesn’t know its arts from its elbow.

28 February 2008

Choking on the congestion charge

Look out, New York: London’s failed, car-baiting, bossy road-toll scheme is heading your way.

20 February 2008

Britain: an island without a story

The latest UK report on terrorism is different to all the rest: it shows that Britain is making itself a target by advertising its vulnerability.

19 February 2008

The return of the paedophile panic

By granting people access to info about sex offenders, the Home Office is institutionalising fear of adults and paranoia about ‘the mob’.

13 February 2008

Democracy is not New Labour’s to command

The UK foreign secretary’s big speech, ‘The Democracy Imperative’, restates the case for intervention post-Iraq. So much for change…

5 February 2008

Kick the police out of politics

One of Sadiq Khan’s young voters is outraged that secret police bugged his MP. But who invited the cops into politics in the first place, he asks?

29 January 2008

Ruled by accountants who can’t do their accounts

On the donations scandals, one question remains: apart from denying it did anything wrong, what has Gordon Brown’s government actually done?

16 January 2008

Democracy is not child’s play

British ministers want to extend the vote to 16-year-olds, in the forlorn hope that a youthful turnout will gloss over the crisis in adult politics and democracy.