British politics

British politics

23 March 2007

'Our anger is being ironed out of us'

Adam Curtis, director of BBC2's The Trap, on conspiracy theories, why Isaiah Berlin was wrong, and his biggest influence: Starship Troopers.

19 March 2007

Are immigrants eating our identity?

In debates about citizenship, health and education, the government is displacing its own crisis of identity on to newcomers.

9 March 2007

Time to abolish the House of Lords. Again

Read Mick Hume's columns from The Times (London) this week.

7 March 2007

It’s a scandal that this scandal is the news

We name the guilty parties in the latest 'UK government cover-up' story: the political class, the police, and the media.

6 March 2007

Lib Dems: riding the waves of anti-political cynicism

Devoid of any real constituency or purpose, the 'third force' in British politics only succeeds when the big parties fail.

2 March 2007

These Lilliputians make even Prescott look like a fat-gutted Gulliver

Read Mick Hume, in The Times (London), on the contest for the deputy leadership of the UK Labour Party.

28 February 2007

No, the Conservatives still can’t win an election

...but New Labour could lose against Cameron’s Not-the-Tory-Party.

20 February 2007

Shooting down the myth of the ‘gun culture’

For all the hysterical claims about ‘teen gun gangs’ holding whole suburbs hostage, gun crime in Britain remains very rare.

19 February 2007

Just another brick in the wall?

Lynsey Hanley’s book Estates: An Intimate History titillates the Guardian-reading class’s fascination with a poor and excluded ‘underclass’.

19 February 2007

Steering the debate in the wrong direction

For a government whose transport policy is to punish motorists, the 1.5million who signed a petition against road-pricing are a political pollutant.