British politics

British politics

11 November 2005

A bad day for Blair - an even worse one for liberty

MPs may have given the prime minister a bloody nose, but they knocked freedom out for the count.

3 November 2005

Mobile MPs: the health debate

What do members of parliament think about the UK's precautionary approach to mobile phones and masts?

2 November 2005

They should have dropped the Code of Conduct, not the minister

The manufactured scandal over David Blunkett's earnings shows up the problem of over-regulation.

1 November 2005

This is no way to bring down Bush and Blunkett

The scandal-mongering that passes for politics on both sides of the Atlantic means no one is ever truly held to account.

6 September 2005

BBC: get back in your box

The controversy over John Humphrys' after-dinner speech reveals some unappetising truths about journalism.

2 September 2005

Ken Clarke and the suicide bomber

Should critics of Blair's foreign policy take their lead from an old Tory and an Islamist fantasist?

1 September 2005

Muslim students: taught to complain

A conference of young Muslims played up their victimhood to an audience of political and media luminaries.

30 August 2005

Behind the ‘bra wars’

Making sense of the EU-China spat over textiles.

24 August 2005

Memorial to paranoia

Conspiracy theorists and opportunists gather at the shrine to Jean Charles de Menezes in Stockwell.

23 August 2005

Mo Mowlam and the politics of disgruntlement

Everyone agrees that she was a 'breath of fresh air', but what exactly did she stand for?