British politics

British politics

10 May 2007

The wreckage of the ‘education revolution’

How the Blairites turned schools from centres of knowledge into social-engineering labs.

9 May 2007

Why (almost) everything you know about 'Tony Bliar' is wrong

Exploding some of the myths about Blair's legacy, which are as misjudged as his war in Iraq.

Will someone, anyone, please challenge Brown?

With no debate or contest, the ‘handover’ of power from Blair to Brown is becoming an ever more princely, undemocratic affair.

What's worse than a Blairite? A Blair-basher

As Blair prepares to exit Downing Street, spiked's editor introduces our sober but cutting appraisal of the Blair years and what will come next.

Scarier than Thatcher the milk snatcher

From 'fetal ASBOs' to calorie-counting on the curriculum: the Blairites intervened in family life in ways the Tories never dreamed of.

The road to Baghdad was paved with good intentions

Many of those attacking the prime minister over Iraq were cheerleaders-in-chief of his earlier military ventures.

4 May 2007

And the losers are…

If the elections in England, Scotland and Wales provide a snapshot of British politics, it is not a pretty picture.

2 May 2007

The end of the Union?

A victory for the Scottish National Party in this week's Scottish Parliament elections would be less a Braveheart cry for 'freedom!' than a snub to New Labour.

17 April 2007

Browne and Brown: the celeb connection

What links the defence secretary’s mishandling of the Navy sailors debacle with the chancellor’s fantasies of a ‘new seriousness’ in politics?

3 April 2007

Why Blair can’t get no ‘Falklands Factor’

The twenty-fifth anniversary of Thatcher’s triumph in the South Atlantic throws some light on Britain’s current crises over Iraq and Iran.