British politics

British politics

29 January 2008

Ruled by accountants who can’t do their accounts

On the donations scandals, one question remains: apart from denying it did anything wrong, what has Gordon Brown’s government actually done?

16 January 2008

Democracy is not child’s play

British ministers want to extend the vote to 16-year-olds, in the forlorn hope that a youthful turnout will gloss over the crisis in adult politics and democracy.

10 January 2008

Down with Coercive Participation

Politicians in Britain are keen to ‘engage’ with the public... just as long as our leaders get to make all the big decisions behind closed doors beforehand.

3 January 2008

Petitions: a shrunken view of democracy

New Labour's vision for popular engagement in 2008 bypasses the ballot box in favour of just getting us to beg for government intervention.

3 December 2007

Mr Bean meets Little Britain

'Donorgate' looks like a tawdry tale of small potatoes and Lilliputian politicians, which only confirms how the crusade against sleaze has corrupted political life.

27 November 2007

Where Blair had God,
Brown has only Branson

Not fit for purpose? No, this government is in permanent crisis because it has no idea what its purpose might be.

21 November 2007

Brown loses it in The Mail

The prime minister’s media groupies are now turning on him like lovers scorned. Hate to say we told you so...

30 October 2007

David Cameron’s demographic determinism

In claiming the UK is overpopulated by migrants, the Tory leader has shown himself to be a fully paid-up member of the New Malthusians.

29 October 2007

Brown gives a whole new meaning to ‘liberty’

The British PM treats freedom as a stuffy British tradition, through which he might 'connect' with an atomised public. Thomas Jefferson he ain't.

18 October 2007

‘Greens use rhetorical violence to silence critics’

Battle Talk: Dominic Lawson, former editor of the Sunday Telegraph, on free speech, environmentalism and the death of ideology.