British politics

British politics

29 September 2008

A conference postcard: ‘Wish I weren’t here’

A reporter for the Londoner’s Diary tried to stay awake at the Miserabilist And Miliband Show at the Labour conference.

25 September 2008

It’s the politics, stupid

The turmoil in the financial markets has become a real economic downturn because of the fearful and incoherent response of the political elite.

23 September 2008

Only a mug would bank on a crisis

Does the current economic turmoil really offer New Labour prime minister Gordon Brown his best hope of survival? Don’t bet on it.

17 September 2008

Labour’s cowardly coup: the sequel

The ‘plot’ to overthrow UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown appears even more gutless than the one he staged against Tony Blair.

15 September 2008

State-sanctioned radicalism

The Greenpeace activists acquitted of criminal damage are not true protesters: they are part of a new caste of agitated bourgeois insiders.

2 September 2008

After ‘Red Ken’, the blonde scaremonger

Having banned boozing on buses, now Boris is cynically exploiting fear of climate change. He is every bit Ken Livingstone’s heir.

19 August 2008

Blaming affluence for crime? That’s a bit rich

David Lammy’s ‘explanation’ for the teenage stabbings in London is a pointed attack on aspiration and prosperity.

5 August 2008

The privatisation of politics

New Labour’s power struggle looks like medieval-style infighting between courtly cliques, from which we peasants are excluded.

29 July 2008

The rise of Obama and fall of Brown

The Democratic presidential hopeful conquered Europe for the same reason that the New Labour prime minister lost Glasgow East.

14 July 2008

If you can’t inspire them, bribe them

In offering iPods to people who vote, the New Labour government is taking its cue from the Fidel Castro School of Public Engagement.