British politics

British politics

Derry 1968: Ireland’s ‘moment of truth’

When people in Derry rose up to challenge their sectarian rulers, they were written-off and ignored by a British left fiercely loyal to the state.

6 May 2008

You can’t revive a corpse

Forget the talk of Labour ‘renewal’ - its humiliation in the elections should mark the funeral rites for a party that died 25 years ago.

Will the real Boris please stand up?

Contrary to what you might have read, the blonde buffoon and new mayor of London is neither a friend of liberty nor an evil Thatcherite.

6 May 2008

Guilt-tripping the feckless electorate

London Elects plastered the city with patronising posters imploring people to vote, unwittingly revealing the elite’s hateful view of the public.

Squabbling over a polluted fiefdom

All the candidates in today's mayoral elections view London as a smoggy city of disparate tribes. This is court politics, not democracy.

29 April 2008

Second-preference politics

The really embarrassing thing is that the clownish Ken’n’Boris show in London appears to be the best that British democracy can offer.

28 April 2008

Quilliam Foundation: a thoughtful think-tank?

Two writers debate the merits of a new Muslim-and-secular collective that aims to ‘revive Western Islam and unite against extremism’.

21 April 2008

An epidemic of ‘emotional bulimia’

Now even gruff John Prescott has joined the ranks of public figures who vomit up their private woes in the press.

17 April 2008

London: what kind of city do we want?

Pubs for the public, free childcare, no more Green Belt... Manifesto Club members offer some words of advice to the next mayor of London.

9 April 2008

Taxing times for Gordon Brown

The current uproar over a small tax change announced a year ago shows how seriously crisis-ridden and adrift is Brown’s Labour government.