British politics

British politics

19 February 2007

Steering the debate in the wrong direction

For a government whose transport policy is to punish motorists, the 1.5million who signed a petition against road-pricing are a political pollutant.

15 February 2007

The road to nowhere

Amid all the honking about congestion charges and anti-road pricing petitions, Britain's need for more roads is not even on the political map.

15 February 2007

Everyone loves Dopey Dave

David Cameron's schoolboy drug-taking appeals to those immature enough to still believe that smoking dope is rebellious.

13 February 2007

Peckham: a suburb apart?

Claims that the South London district is a ‘war zone’ are wide of the mark, though residents recognise their lives could be far better.

8 February 2007

A tale of two panics

Why are we in less of a flap about bird flu now that it has arrived in Britain than we were 18 months ago when it was a ‘spectre’ in Asia?

8 February 2007

Bring down the House

The half-hearted proposed reform of the House of Lords shows that our governing class has precious little instinct for democracy.

7 February 2007

Are we all racists and victims now?

Those who want to turn everything into a race issue today are desperate to impose a phoney new national morality.

5 February 2007

Corrupting the curriculum

Why is it ‘brainwashing’ when faith schools teach values but ‘raising awareness’ when the state teaches the pieties of environmentalism?

31 January 2007

Why the Home Office can't keep its house in order

A paranoid government that wants to put every citizen on a list and every criminal in a cell? No wonder the system seems swamped.

30 January 2007

Wanna be a worker?

Describing yourself as 'working class' has become a way of snobbishly dismissing materialism.