British politics

British politics

16 October 2009

‘Welcome to the rohypnol conference’

Emily Hill watched the Tories in Manchester swig fizz, dodge photographers and talk about as little as possible.

15 October 2009

The self-destruction of the House of Commons

The mock-populist backlash on parliamentary expenses poses a serious threat not only to MPs’ bank balances, but to democracy itself.

14 October 2009

New Labour’s phoney battle with fascism

The more the party’s crisis deepens, the more it cynically ups the ante against a far-right phantasm.

13 October 2009

Brighton bomb memories

How the world has changed since I was bizarrely accused of involvement in the IRA attack on the Tory cabinet 25 years ago this week.

8 October 2009

Tory leader in ‘drinking champagne’ shock!

When appearance is everything in politics, even David Cameron enjoying a glass of bubbly can become a scandal.

7 October 2009

The Tories have changed – but not for the better

Forget the left’s fantasies about the return of Thatcherism. New Conservatives or New Labour, they are all accountants now.

1 October 2009

Feral kids: ‘confident, cocky and in control’?

Brown’s latest declaration of war on antisocial behaviour expolits today’s widespread adult fear of children.

30 September 2009

Could this be the worst-ever UK election?

With both New Labour and the Conservatives pale shadows of their former selves, the danger is that politics will be the biggest loser. Unless…

30 September 2009

Brown’s inadequate parenting advice

Under Brown, New Labour’s obsession with acting in loco parentis for teens has expanded to older parents, too.

29 September 2009

A blame game you can bank on

Alistair Darling’s decision to bash bankers at Labour’s party conference was predictable, misguided and dishonest.