British politics

British politics

1 June 2009

They’re all ‘independent’ now - but from what?

In response to the expenses scandal, even the PM wants to stand on his personal conscience rather than political principles. But we still need politics.

1 June 2009

No party has a divine right to exist

The state funding of parties would prop up the exhausted status quo and erect a barrier to political experimentation.

26 May 2009

Taking refuge in the rhetoric of reform

By proposing electoral reforms in response to the expenses scandal, politicians are futilely seeking an organisational solution to a political problem.

26 May 2009

When all else fails, bash the BNP

In its phoney moral crusade to stop the British National Party, the elite has replaced politics with emotional blackmail.

26 May 2009

The question is: trust you to do what?

Politicians’ efforts to ‘restore public trust’ suggest they see the public as a passive blob to be moulded at will.

22 May 2009

The assault on liberty

Dominic Raab has written a swashbuckling tirade against Labour’s illiberalism, but he overlooks the broader, cross-party disdain for freedom today.

Beware the vultures circling the Commons

With cops baying for MPs’ blood and the Queen expressing her distaste, Britain’s undemocratic forces are milking the expenses scandal.

14 May 2009

Paying politicians is good for democracy

Forget the expenses scandal: politics was far more rotten when only the privileged few could afford to be MPs.

12 May 2009

MPs’ expenses: what price democracy?

When politicians’ claims for the cost of a bath plug can knock the recession out of the headlines, politics is in danger of going down the gurgler.

Turning Gurkhas into a new ‘Victim Race’

The bizarre Battle of the Excluded Gurkha, led by Joanna Lumley, sheds light on the crisis of meaning in today’s Tory and Labour parties.