British politics

British politics

8 August 2007

Who does Doreen Lawrence think she is?

We all empathise with the mother of Stephen Lawrence. But we don’t have to respect her views on race, policing, Boris or anything else.

3 August 2007

Great White Metaphor Ahoy!

Celebrity sharks off Cornwall and 'Hugh Brown' in Washington - read Mick Hume's columns from The Times (London).

19 July 2007

Ealing Southall: a comedy of errors

A Tory candidate who gives cash to Labour? Today's west London by-election shows up the volatile nature of British politics.

Hands off George Galloway!

Whatever you may think of the permatanned MP, the recommendation by a bureaucratic watchdog that he be suspended from parliament is an affront to democracy.

3 July 2007

The gravedigger in Downing Street

Will Gordon Brown’s ‘revolution’ put the final nail in the coffin of political life?

6 June 2007

Blair’s other legacy:
the Un-Tory Non-Party

Some lessons of the grammar school debacle for the state of post-Blair politics.

Take a PEW, hear a sermon

With three new tracts on planning, energy and waste, the government shows it would rather change our habits than encourage innovation.

24 May 2007

To be or not to be...
John Prescott

Wanted: no-mark politician as occasional stand-in for new prime minister. Meaningless title offered. Political vision not required.

We need more houses, not divisive housing policies

Margaret Hodge's comments that 'residents' should get priority will only legitimise anti-immigrant sentiment.

Empowering patients: New Labour’s unhealthiest idea?

Everyone slates Blair for Iraq while praising his health reforms. Yet his interventions in the NHS have alienated patients and degraded doctors.