British politics

British politics

12 June 2008

Mancunian motorists, say ‘No’ to this sin tax

The proposal for a road-pricing scheme in Greater Manchester shows what is driving today’s anti-car zealotry: distrust of the people.

11 June 2008

The phoney 42 days war

Neither our security nor our liberty rests on whether police can detain terror suspects without charge for four or six weeks.

5 June 2008

The Fortinbras Factor

David Cameron’s Conservatives are profiting from the demise of New Labour – but there is no ‘Tory revival’.

5 June 2008

Why ‘deradicalisation’ is not the answer

It's time Jacqui Smith realised that Islamist extremism is not a ‘foreign’ invader of Britain, but rather springs from our own bankrupt culture.

Boris and the ‘politics of misbehaviour’

The London mayor’s anti-booze ban and the inebriated protest against it reveal a lot about killjoyism and radicalism today.

28 May 2008

Why knife crime cuts us to the quick

The deep insecurity in our society has fuelled a national panic, despite the UK having one of the world’s lowest youth homicide rates.

After Crewe: where is the positive politics?

The by-election result was less a victory for Cameron’s hollow Conservatives than an angry, tired rejection of the failed political elite.

21 May 2008

Crewe by-election: Farce War, not Class War

The Labour Party’s nasty campaign in Crewe and Nantwich exposes the petty, personalised and chauvinistic strain in contemporary politics.

Gordon Brown and the ghosts of innovation

James Heartfield reports from yesterday’s NESTA conference in London on the flailing PM’s vampiric relationship with the ‘innovation economy’.

15 May 2008

Mrs Blair’s confessional incontinence

In Downing Street she invoked the ‘right to privacy’ to keep the press at bay. Now she’s vomiting up details about her life as a mum and PM’s wife.