British politics

British politics

12 January 2009

Why rate cuts stir so little interest

The problem facing British capitalism is not just a shortage of credit, but the lack of profitable and productive new sectors in which to invest it.

16 December 2008

Honk if you support the voters of Manchester

Mancunians have struck a blow against the politics of behaviour and blackmail by shunning the congestion charge.

3 December 2008

An intolerable attack on all of us, the people

It is not going too far to compare the arrest of Damian Green with King Charles I’s war-provoking arrest of five members of parliament in 1642.

26 November 2008

Strictly Dumb Democracy

In showing such contempt for the popular will, those dance judges were only taking their lead from ministers and officials in the UK and EU.

26 November 2008

New Labour: it’s not dead yet

Reports of the death of Blair and Brown’s post-political project have been greatly exaggerated.

19 November 2008

It should not be an offence to belong to the BNP

The furore over the leak of the British National Party’s membership lists ‘reveals’ some home truths about democracy as well as the far right.

29 October 2008

‘Corfu Uncovered’: the fall of the political class

The Osborne/Mandelson scandal suggests the obsession with sleaze, more than sleaziness itself, is killing politics.

15 October 2008

I don’t predict a riot

The passivity of public reactions to the financial turmoil is a symptom of the other crisis: of democratic politics.

7 October 2008

Boris: making himself London’s top copper

Boris Johnson’s hounding of Sir Ian Blair reveals the London mayor’s own authoritarian and arbitrary approach to politics.

30 September 2008

Scapegoating the spivs

The attacks on the greed and thievery of bankers is anti-capitalism at its most shallow.