British politics

British politics

16 July 2009

I Have A Dream: no more flights!

Patrick Hayes joined a rabble of radical greens in London demanding a 55mph speed limit and an end to stag nights.

8 July 2009

Let’s have a bonfire of the quangos

The rise and rise of quasi non-governmental organisations reflects the diminution of democracy and debate.

Why unemployment is no longer a political issue

Thousands are being thrown on to the dole queue, yet there are no mass uprisings, no widespread strikes, no marches for jobs. Why?

23 June 2009

People should not be punished for their beliefs

The proposal to ban British National Party members from teaching in schools is a far bigger threat to democracy than the BNP itself.

22 June 2009

Bring me the head of Fred Goodwin

Commentators called for Goodwin’s head to be put on a spike. Now, courtesy of an EU-funded arts festival, it very nearly has been.

17 June 2009

The new c-word in British politics: cuts

British politicians’ utter lack of honesty about the depth of the recession will make matters worse in the long run.

The hangdog dictator in Downing Street

It is the cowardice of his own party and lack of moral authority of the other parties that allows the utterly isolated Brown to stay in power.

8 June 2009

Expenses, excuses and Labour delusions

Whether Gordon Brown stays or goes, New Labour’s political crisis goes far deeper than him.

The psycho-politics of a collapsing elite

The most revealing thing about the leaked Mandelson emails is the amateur psychologising of a cut-off government.

8 June 2009

The myth of a far-right surge

The BNP won seats not because support for it has exploded, but because of the demise of the mainstream parties.