British politics

British politics

The war between rights and responsibilities

Jack Straw’s new bill of rights is nothing like the Magna Carta: it would erode rather than enhance our liberty.

19 March 2009

The recession and the Politics of Fumbling

The consistent incompetence of politicians is no accident: it is testament to their lack of a cohering ideology.

3 March 2009

Seeing red over ‘Fred the Shred’

Incapable of having an honest debate about the economy, New Labour witch-hunts bankers instead. PLUS: Sean Collins on the politics of pay.

2 March 2009

Should private tragedies be for public consumption?

Reactions to the untimely death of the Tory leader’s young son reveal much about the problems with the media and politics today.

26 February 2009

The cult of transparency is a threat to democracy

I’m opposed to the Iraq war and to Jack Straw. But he has a point when he says that not all Cabinet minutes should be published.

25 February 2009

Climate change and the return of original sin

Officials want us to observe a ‘carbon fast’. It’s further evidence that environmentalism is about managing human behaviour rather than nature.

12 February 2009

Bashing the bankers will make you go blind

Everyone’s enjoying the two-minute hate against greedy bankers, but it is obscuring a proper, truthful understanding of the recession.

6 February 2009

The hidden horrors of ‘austerity chic’

A recession could be good for us? The last time austerity ruled Britain, it increased ill-health and authoritarianism and dented community spirit.

4 February 2009

Wild claims and wildcat strikes

The walkouts over foreign workers are neither evidence of a wave of xenophobia nor a re-emergence of trade union militancy.

28 January 2009

Emperor in new no-clothes shock!

Only those suffering from the Brown delusion could be surprised to discover that he has not saved New Labour, never mind the world.