British politics

British politics

After that by-election, what now for liberty?

As a result of a whispering witch-hunt and his own inability to defend freedom, David Davis’s experiment failed. spiked takes over.

8 July 2008

Knife crime panic nears crisis point

As British society retreats behind an anti-stab vest, the risk of being paralysed by fear grows far faster than the risk of being stabbed.

4 July 2008

Why both sides are wrong in the race debate

In his new book, Kenan Malik slams those who are turning the divisive politics of identity into a natural feature of the human condition.

30 June 2008

Recession? Bring it on!

In the name of ‘saving the planet’, many in the chattering classes are praying for an economic slump.

Boris Johnson: London’s new PC crusader

The mayor’s sacking of a political adviser over a ‘race phrase row’ shows that he has more in common with bossy Blairites than people think.

18 June 2008

‘It’s The Emperor’s New Clothes, with swearing’

Neil Rafferty tells spiked about creating Britain’s top satirical site, the Daily Mash, and the serious business of making fun of the elite.

Let’s make life harder for the state and easier for the individual

spiked’s 10-point plan for defending our legal rights in illiberal times.

17 June 2008

Two cheers for David Davis

The Tory is hardly the historic freedom fighter claimed by some, but he looks like a hero next to the rest of the illiberal, spineless political class.

12 June 2008

Mancunian motorists, say ‘No’ to this sin tax

The proposal for a road-pricing scheme in Greater Manchester shows what is driving today’s anti-car zealotry: distrust of the people.

11 June 2008

The phoney 42 days war

Neither our security nor our liberty rests on whether police can detain terror suspects without charge for four or six weeks.