British politics

British politics

9 May 2017

Why Corbyn can’t do populism

The people are angry at Labour, not Philip Green.

8 May 2017

Local elections in interesting results shocker!

The lack of an anti-Brexit backlash and other news from last week’s British polls.

4 May 2017

End leaks and secrecy – put Brexit talks on TV

Juncker and May could learn from Lenin about open diplomacy.

Forget Putin — it’s Brussels that is meddling in our elections

Juncker’s anti-Brexit leaks are a stab at reshaping British politics.

28 April 2017

New Labour’s 20th birthday –don’t celebrate

Blair’s comeback is a reminder of how elitist and illiberal New Labour was.

27 April 2017

The death of the old divides

Labour and the Tories are relics of another era.