British politics

British politics

8 June 2017

Whoever wins today, the fight for Brexit goes on

The spiked view on voting today, and what comes next.

Politics will never be the same again

This election has shown the public will no longer be taken for granted.

7 June 2017

Hull and the battle for Brexit

Fraser Myers reports from a city torn between Labour and Leave.

6 June 2017

There is too much phoney tolerance

A perversion of the t-word is being used to excuse restricting free speech.

6 June 2017

Cheer the demise of the anti-Brexiteers

But don’t let the Brexit Election become a General Election.

Keep calm and carry on? No thanks

Brendan O'Neill makes the case for anger and action after terrorism.

3 June 2017

Birmingham: the Tory surge that wasn’t

Ieuan Joy finds voters put off by May’s downbeat, Brexit-lite campaign.

2 June 2017

The myth of ‘caring liberals’

Progressive politics is now about feeling good, not doing good.