British politics

British politics

23 December 2016

The return of the people

2016 proved that the fight for democracy is only just beginning.

22 December 2016

Let’s stand by the Christmas strikers

The right to strike is meaningless unless people exercise it.

19 December 2016

I pledge allegiance to… what, exactly?

An oath to ‘British values’ is useless when no one knows what those values are.

16 December 2016

From Sweden to Cuba: stop looking for utopias

Fantasising about perfect foreign countries is a way of dodging real debate.

15 December 2016

We must defend free speech, even for anti-Semites

The imprisonment of Joshua Bonehill-Paine should worry us all.

9 December 2016

The rise of the officious state

A new book challenges the arbitrary power of modern officials.

8 December 2016

The myth of the 48%

The anti-Brexit mob is the most elitist British movement in memory.

7 December 2016

Global citizens vs the people

Self-styled citizens of the world are driven by disdain for the demos.

6 December 2016

The Casey Review: a nation divided

The British state’s multicultural dream has turned into a segregated nightmare.

2 December 2016

The Lib Dems: neither liberal nor democratic

They've made themselves a party against the people.