British politics

British politics

26 February 2018

The return of seditious libel

Why Corbyn’s libel action should worry all radicals.

26 February 2018

Why shouldn’t we criticise the Good Friday Agreement?

This agreement isn’t the godsend Remainers claim it is.

22 February 2018

Corbyn didn’t spy for Stalinists, but he thinks like them

His response to this daft story has exposed his authoritarian instincts.

22 February 2018

Why these red scares help Corbyn

Calling him a communist flatters Corbynistas’ radical pretensions.

7 February 2018

The forgotten victory: votes for working-class men

Centenary celebrations have removed the 1918 Act from its historical context.

31 January 2018

Votes for 16-year-olds? Grow up

Votes for teens is a cynical, prejudiced and anti-democratic demand.

26 January 2018

From fake news to fake truths

Lies aren’t the only problem. The facts can also be made to tell false stories.

23 January 2018

How long must they lord it over democracy and press freedom?

Their latest assault on the press should sound the death knell for the Lords.

23 January 2018

The Tories’ yoof problem

The party has too many gimmicks and not enough substance.

22 January 2018

UKIP: the party’s over

UKIP’s demise proves Remainers were wrong about the Brexit era.