British politics

British politics

23 August 2016

Time to oppose the bloodless coup against Brexit

The future state of British democracy is on the line.

23 August 2016

Corbyn’s right, it’s time to disband NATO

Throughout its history, NATO has brutally thwarted democracy.

17 August 2016

Leadership election result: judges rule Labour Party

The farce over members’ voting rights shows democracy is out of fashion.

9 August 2016

Why the left misremembers the riots

The London riots were a product of victimhood and entitlement, not Tory austerity.

5 August 2016

‘Post-truth politics’: a smear on the masses

Those denouncing Brexit voters as hoodwinked fools are starting to sound like a cult.

4 August 2016

Their Britain, and ours

Brexit was a far more positive thing than the 2012 Olympic ceremony.

Clinton and May: the hollow women of politics

The rise of these two female politicians is nothing to celebrate.

2 August 2016

The aristocratic fury with Brexit

The Lords' attempt to thwart our will is positively pre-modern.

2 August 2016

Boycotting Byron lets the government off the hook

If you care about migrant workers, why not picket the Home Office?