British politics

British politics

27 September 2016

Letter to a young radical

Think big. Trust ordinary people. And don’t join the Labour Party.

26 September 2016

Why the Tories are tearing themselves apart

It's not just Labour that's backstabbing itself to death.

20 September 2016

Brexit owes little to UKIP

The yearning for democracy goes well beyond Farage and Co.

17 September 2016

‘Syria has been undone, and this truce won’t fix it’

Podcast: Tim Black on the impossibility of peace in Syria.

16 September 2016

The principled, left-wing case against multiculturalism

A new book eviscerates the West's neo-racialism.

14 September 2016

What next: locking up Leavers?

Investigating Farage for hate speech would be an act of tyranny.

12 September 2016

Who can save Labour? No one

The party's over. Why won't anyone admit it?