British politics

27 August 2015

‘Entryism’? More like political necrophilia

It’s less a struggle for Labour’s soul than two cliques squabbling over a corpse.

17 August 2015

Jeremy Corbyn: The Left’s Tony Blair?

Like Blair, the rise of Corbyn reflects the disintegration of Labour.

14 August 2015

When Corbynites attack

Like the cybernats, Jeremy Corbyn’s fans can’t stomach dissent.

13 August 2015

Inside the spin doctor’s surgery

What Lynton Crosby’s attack on UKIP tells us about the conformism of PR politics.

11 August 2015

Kids Company: consumed by the child-abuse hysteria

Batmanghelidjh was brought down by a panic she helped propagate.

11 August 2015

Labour’s welfarism isn’t working

Labour has become the party of benefits claimants and public-sector workers.

4 August 2015

Sexy Jezza will do little to help women

Jeremy Corbyn is siding with the worst of contemporary feminism.

Jeremy Corbyn: a sinner against the Third Way

Corbynphobia reveals the terrifying conformism of modern British politics.

27 July 2015

Yvette Cooper and the rise of the New Girls’ Club

Female politicians who cry sexism are doing more damage than the Old Boys' Club.

23 July 2015

‘We need a new industrial revolution’

PODCAST: Phil Mullan says it's time to get real about the zombie economy.