British politics

17 December 2014

Cereal Killer controversy: in defence of hipsters

It’s official: hating hipsters is now more annoying than hipsters.

16 December 2014

The myth of a slavery epidemic

Officialdom’s war on ‘modern slavery’ is built on pure fear and fantasy.

12 December 2014

Farage and Brand: cut from the same cynical cloth

Their big spat on QT actually showed how much they have in common.

11 December 2014

Turning food banks into a moral weapon

The government’s food-bank strategy will increase state intervention in poor people’s lives.

3 December 2014

It shouldn’t be a crime to be a bad parent

The Cinderella Law will make everyday family life a criminal matter.

2 December 2014

Andrew Mitchell: the wrong sort of snob

Plebgate revealed the shallowness of anti-Tory posing.

1 December 2014

The question no one can answer: What does it mean to be British?

How can we teach British values to kids if we don’t know what British values are?

24 November 2014

Why Labour loathes White Van Man

Emily Thornberry’s tweet captured her party’s disdain for its former voters.