British politics

4 May 2016

London: nothing
to be scared of

A thriving, buzzing city deserves better than the politics of fear.

Let’s harness London’s creativity

The new mayor should champion creative technology.

30 April 2016

Labour, anti‑Semitism and the cult of ‘You Can’t Say That!’

The Livingstone debacle exposes both sides in Labour's anti-Semitism row.

21 April 2016

The Muslim versus the Posh Boy

The London election has been reduced to a shallow battle of identities.

11 April 2016

Tax returns and the end of politics

Since when has tax been an index of a politician’s virtue?

The Panama Papers: rich-bashing won’t fix the crisis

Moral disgust with the super-wealthy is such lame socialism.

30 March 2016

Why both Zac and Sadiq are playing the race card

In the London mayoral contest, it’s time we replaced identity with ideas.

22 March 2016

IDS and the ‘narcissism of small differences’

There is both more and less to the Tory civil war than the headlines suggest.

21 March 2016

Don’t blame Corbyn for the rise of anti‑Semitism

Labour-bashing commentators are clouding this important discussion.