British politics

27 July 2016

Triggering Article 50: the precondition of a new politics

The entire elite wants to delay Article 50. We must fight them.

25 July 2016

Theresa May, forget social justice – give us politics

Officialdom now treats us more as patients than citizens.

21 July 2016

Labour’s woman problem

A party that treats women as weak is unlikely to get a female leader.

21 July 2016

Defend Corbyn? No, let’s defend politics

The Labour leadership contest is being used to depoliticise debate.

20 July 2016

How Gove made prisons more humane

Anyone interested in prison reform should be gutted Gove has gone.

18 July 2016

Breaking the spirit of Brexit

The government’s dithering is an attempt to dilute the people’s will.

18 July 2016

Brexit: the myth of a racist surge

The denigration of the white working class is the real prejudice of our age.

18 July 2016

Brexit: a blow to the ruling class

A trade unionist explains why Brexit has so rattled our rulers.

15 July 2016

The EU: a disaster waiting to happen

From its inception, the European Union has been destined for ruin.

14 July 2016

Why we protested at Theresa May’s first speech

This is about more than Brexit – it’s about democracy itself.