British politics

1 October 2015

Do not go gentle into that political night

Corbyn’s call for a gentler politics won’t aid the enlightening debate we need.

30 September 2015

Class War vs Cereal Killer: a riot for poverty

Ignore the paint-flinging pillocks – gentrification is good.

29 September 2015

Trotsky vs Corbyn

Corbyn a Trotskyist? He isn’t fit to lay flowers at Trotsky’s tomb.

21 September 2015

No, Jeremy Corbyn is not a threat to life as we know it

The anti-Corbyn politics of fear demeans the demos.

21 September 2015

Bombing Syria won’t solve anything

As calls for intervention grow, remember: we’ve been here before.

17 September 2015

A crisis of Europe dressed up as a drama about migration

The migrant debate has exposed EU contempt for the public.

17 September 2015

The problem with the ‘pro-migrant’ lobby

The elite is embracing immigration for really bad reasons.

16 September 2015

Cameron, the high priest of mistrust

Preachers don't need the state's seal of approval.