British politics

25 November 2015

The DWP doesn’t kill

Using suicide to argue against welfare cuts is sick and wrong.

25 November 2015

Osborne is right, we need more homes

But new plans for the ‘starter home’ scheme won’t satisfy that need.

24 November 2015

Labour’s men of conscience? Gimme a break

The PLP has turned the Syria vote into another chance to depose Corbyn.

24 November 2015

The mental obsession with offence-taking

Ken Livingstone has become the latest victim of these over-sensitive times.

16 November 2015

After Paris: we must refuse to be terrorised

Fear is what they want; let’s not give them it.

13 November 2015

The Tory war on privacy

The Investigatory Powers Bill should be ripped up.

11 November 2015

Reform the EU? Pull the other one

David Cameron's EU reform plan is a charade of sovereignty.

9 November 2015

Labour: a court of cowardly backstabbers

Andrew Fisher is the latest victim of the anti-Corbyn plotters.

6 November 2015

The intolerance
of poppymania

The poppy is still a political symbol – we have a right to reject it.