British politics

British politics

27 October 2016

How politics got personal

Why is everyone suddenly ‘ashamed to be British’?

25 October 2016

Singling out Israel, singling out Jews

The left’s obsession with Israel has rehabilitated anti-Semitism.

20 October 2016

Heathrow and the crisis of vision

The government’s dithering over a third runway is an international embarrassment.

20 October 2016

What’s so ‘hard’ to grasp about democracy?

Soft Brexit sounds like a code for no real Brexit at all.

14 October 2016

Corbyn’s Labour is not a socialist party

Socialists don't pity or fear the poor like the Corbyn crew does.

5 October 2016

Where did Rudd get her anti-migrant ideas from? Labour

Quit your fuming, Labourites: the Tories are copying your party.

5 October 2016

May the Brexit Boudicca? Maybe not…

The Remainer prime minister looks an unlikely champion of popular democracy.

4 October 2016

Corbyn’s critics are trivialising anti‑Semitism

Both of Labour's warring sides are using Jews as weapons.

1 October 2016

100 days since Brexit: it’s time to get real

No more dithering, no more anti-democracy: give us Brexit, now.

28 September 2016

‘Don’t leave me here with Essex Man’

Five times Labour attacked the working class at conference this week.