British politics

22 July 2014

Ed Miliband: desperately seeking authority

In Weird Ed, the Labour Party has the leader it deserves.

18 July 2014

spiked is wrong about Islamophobia’

The founder of Tell Mama responds to Tim Black's recent article.

17 July 2014

How the Tories ignited the paedophile panic

Revealing the right-wing origins of today's child-abuse hysteria.

16 July 2014

The maddest reshuffle in living memory

In Cameron's new Cabinet, biology counts for more than conviction.

16 July 2014

Why it’s really bad that Gove is gone

Good riddance to David Willetts, but Gove? His demotion is a loss to education.

10 July 2014

The biggest load of ‘general strike’ hype since the last lot

Thursday’s public-sector walkout looks more like a therapeutic gesture.