British politics

16 April 2014

The fan-bashing spirit of the Eighties lives on

Attitudes to football fans have changed since Hillsborough. But for the better?

14 April 2014

If Scotland goes, it should take Northern Ireland with it

Scottish independence would spell the end of British identity in Ulster.

10 April 2014

Toby Young
vs The Blob

Young talks to spiked about his war on UK education’s child-centred orthodoxy.

8 April 2014

The real Miller’s tale: the threat to press freedom

The real scandal is the culture secretary’s attempt to lay down Leveson’s law.

31 March 2014

Gay marriage: the fastest-formed orthodoxy ever?

It is scary how quickly gay marriage became dogma.

25 March 2014

A radical redefinition of what radicalism means

The Labourites calling for a ‘bold and radical’ agenda need a dictionary.

20 March 2014

Go for a full house, George: trust us on everything

The chancellor declared he trusted pensioners to handle their savings sensibly. So how about trusting us in other areas of life?

20 March 2014

Let’s end all monarchical meddling in politics

You think the UK monarchy is a non-political tourist attraction? Think again.

18 March 2014

What’s so radical about the rage against inequality?

Inequality campaigners want to curb prosperity and lower horizons.