British politics

British politics

28 April 2017

New Labour’s 20th birthday –don’t celebrate

Blair’s comeback is a reminder of how elitist and illiberal New Labour was.

27 April 2017

The death of the old divides

Labour and the Tories are relics of another era.

27 April 2017

General Election: spare us the braindead memes

Social-media activism is the preserve of shallow thinkers.

26 April 2017

Now give us a referendum on the House of Lords

We ditched the EU, now let’s train our sights on the upper chamber.

25 April 2017

Why this election matters

This is a fight for democracy. Get involved.

21 April 2017

Rebel: Tory vs the establishment

Douglas Carswell’s book gives a refreshing take on the new elitism.

20 April 2017

Labour doesn’t speak for the people

Brexit was people power in action – and Labour is terrified of it.