Abolish the monarchy

Abolish the monarchy

6 September 2017

Please let this be the last ‘royal baby’

Congrats to Will and Kate, but seriously, let’s abolish the monarchy.

23 August 2017

Neither William nor Charles

Who should be the next monarch? Nobody. Abolish the whole thing.

4 August 2017

The rise of the therapeutic royals

Prince Philip’s stepping down marks the end of an era.

21 November 2016

Republicanism is in dire need of repairs

Penny-pinching attacks on the monarchy are no substitute for democratic principles.

The Guardian exposes Prince Charles as a Guardianista!

What a fantastic irony: his letters to ministers show how very Guardian he is.

10 September 2014

Kate’s critics: pregnant with loathing

The biggest barrier to a republic is not popular interest in the royal baby.

24 April 2014

Will, Kate and the myth of a monarchist revival

Their Oz trip shows that both republicanism and monarchism are screwed.

20 March 2014

Let’s end all monarchical meddling in politics

You think the UK monarchy is a non-political tourist attraction? Think again.

Kate’s baby and the myth of the monarchist masses

Republicans once trusted the public. Now they despair of it.

17 January 2013

We need a people’s veto of these archaic powers

It’s been revealed that the queen is often given the chance to veto new laws. It's time to make her and monarchism redundant.