Abolish the monarchy

Abolish the monarchy

4 August 2017

The rise of the therapeutic royals

Prince Philip’s stepping down marks the end of an era.

21 November 2016

Republicanism is in dire need of repairs

Penny-pinching attacks on the monarchy are no substitute for democratic principles.

The Guardian exposes Prince Charles as a Guardianista!

What a fantastic irony: his letters to ministers show how very Guardian he is.

10 September 2014

Kate’s critics: pregnant with loathing

The biggest barrier to a republic is not popular interest in the royal baby.

24 April 2014

Will, Kate and the myth of a monarchist revival

Their Oz trip shows that both republicanism and monarchism are screwed.

20 March 2014

Let’s end all monarchical meddling in politics

You think the UK monarchy is a non-political tourist attraction? Think again.

Kate’s baby and the myth of the monarchist masses

Republicans once trusted the public. Now they despair of it.

17 January 2013

We need a people’s veto of these archaic powers

It’s been revealed that the queen is often given the chance to veto new laws. It's time to make her and monarchism redundant.

7 January 2013

Why the prince *hearts* environmentalists

In eco-activism, Charles has found a cause every bit as reactionary and anti-modern as the monarchy itself.

20 September 2012

Capturing the moment the royals became slebs

Those grainy pics of a naked Kate Middleton tell a striking story about the celebrification of the Windsors.