No to Neo-Malthusianism

No to Neo-Malthusianism

9 February 2017

Hans Rosling: humanism by numbers

The Swedish statistician was a powerful antidote to our Malthusian times.

15 April 2013

We need a bit more hunger to end poverty

Claims that climate change will cause mass starvation could actually make it harder to feed the world.

28 January 2013

David Attenborough’s demographic determinism

The TV naturalist is still banging on about there being ‘too many people’, just when others fret about declining population.

8 November 2012

The greens showing their true colours

The far-right-sounding ideas of Swiss greens EcoPop display the misanthropy of Malthusian thought.

12 July 2012

How neo-Malthusians demonise dissent

In branding those who disagree with them ‘deniers’, the overpopulation lobby reveals its allergy to debate.

31 October 2011

Happy birthday, baby seven billion!

Ignore the population doom-mongers and dive into spiked’s archives for a celebration of human life and ingenuity.

12 October 2011

Beware Malthusians posing as progressives

Don’t be fooled by the fashionable new crowd of Malthus-bashing greens: they’re as misanthropic as old-style population scaremongers.

18 August 2011

Sterilise yourself and win a car!

The bribing of Indians to stop having babies is not that different to the moral blackmail used by Western Malthusians.

20 July 2011

Why not celebrate the birth of Harper Seven?

Ignore the miserable misanthropists who think the Beckhams set a bad example by having too many children.