Architecture and planning
Architecture and planning

Architecture and planning

25 August 2017

State rewards for exercise? Jog on

NHS 'Healthy New Towns' won't change anyone's lifestyle.

4 April 2016

Zaha Hadid: an architectural visionary

In play-it-safe times, Hadid's social ambition shone through.

28 September 2015

In praise of

We should celebrate the daring spirit of this unloved school of architecture.

London isn’t over – you’re just bored with it

The middle-class observers flouncing out of London need a reality check.

14 October 2014

London: let’s build better

The capital is headed in the right direction – up. But can we please ditch the ‘quirky’ buildings?

6 September 2013

Rebuilding our faith in human ingenuity

Rebuilding the World Trade Center is stirring stuff, but it shouldn’t take tragedy for us to celebrate our mighty skyscrapers.

30 August 2012

Why progress remains stuck on the tarmac

The dithering over building a third runway at Heathrow, never mind new airports, exposes our leaders’ inability to seize control of the future.

18 July 2012

The ministers stopping Britain from taking off

Why should anyone take the coalition’s growth rhetoric seriously when plans for airport expansion have been shelved?