Vote for Politics

Vote for Politics

21 September 2011

Problems in political life? Blame the Lib Dems!

Tories and Labour are bashing Nick Clegg’s pathetic party to try to hide the fact that they are all like the politics-lite Liberal Democrats now.

21 September 2011

Taking the liberal out of the Lib Dems

Telling families how to raise their kids, imprisoning journalists and banning Page 3 – welcome to the Illiberal Party.

14 September 2011

Fewer MPs? We need more Politicians

Plans to cut the quantity of UK members of parliament will do nothing to improve the execrable quality of British political life today.

3 August 2011

How British politics became trivial pursuits

What's really behind the summer headlines about David Cameron, that Italian waitress, Rupert Murdoch and Amy Winehouse?

14 June 2011

Must we watch this political death show on our TVs?

All the highly publicised ‘revelations’ of personal spats confirm that the body formerly known as the Labour Party is fit only for a private burial.

17 May 2011

The electoral reform that no one wanted

As the post-defeat outpourings from Yes campaigners reveal, the 2011 referendum was an entirely elite concoction.

9 May 2011

Have we ended up with AV‑style politics anyway?

Despite the crushing of the Alternative Vote in the referendum, the UK elections confirmed the strength of the anti-political trends AV embodies.

16 March 2011

Under PR, whoever wins, voters lose out

A Finnish journalist warns Brits against demanding an electoral system that has performed so miserably in Finland.

9 November 2010

Why I’d vote for a dodgy MP over an honest judge

Phil Woolas kicked out of parliament by an electoral court, for lying? That’s a bigger scandal than anything he said about his opponents.

3 June 2010

The Laws affair: scandal ain’t what it used to be

When a minister resigns over paying rent to his secret gay lover, it is a sure sign that political life has slipped to scandalously low levels.