16 July 2013

The state’s ‘uncivilised’ treatment of volunteers

It is the government’s policy of suspicion towards carers that it is undermining help for older people.

24 October 2012

An inhumane presumption of guilt

As the Savile scandal reaches a new pitch, key principles of criminal justice are being sacrificed at the altar of victimhood.

15 October 2012

Savile: the mad hunt for a conspiracy of witches

With its contagion of accusation and counter-accusation, the Savile scandal has exposed the Salem-style irrationalism of the modern elite.

3 October 2012

The savaging of Jimmy Savile

The only beneficiary of the accusations against Savile is the suspicion-spreading child-protection industry.

3 July 2012

Why treat sports coaches as potential paedophiles?

Professor Heather Piper tells spiked that ‘no touch’ guidelines in sport are helping to poison adult-child relations.

5 September 2011

The NSPCC doesn’t help kids - it harms them

With its ceaseless promotion of fear and suspicion of adults, the NSPCC undermines organic bonds between generations.

8 August 2011

Daring to criticise child protection policies

As a researcher into ‘no touch’ policies discovered, you criticise child-protection quangos at your peril.

14 February 2011

Freedom Bill: good news and bad news

The Lib-Cons’ overhaul of the vetting of adults who work with children doesn’t go nearly far enough.

10 February 2011

How the vetting frenzy alienates adults from kids

ESSAY: The state’s vetting of adults working with children suggests it no longer trusts us to use our judgement to socialise the next generation.

3 February 2010

‘We’re afraid of our kids, and we’re afraid for them’

Anthony Horowitz, author of the bestselling teenage spy novels, talks to Jennie Bristow about vetting and the poisoning of adult-child relations.