Free speech
Free speech

Free speech

29 November 2006

Why I still love Cosmo Kramer

Comedian Michael Richards might be a ranting ass, but that doesn’t mean we can never laugh at Seinfeld again.

24 November 2006

Advertising is a free speech issue

The ban on junk food ads on British TV is far more 'mind-controlling' than anything a cynical adman could come up with.

21 November 2006

Who’s afraid of extremism on campus?

Read spiked editor Mick Hume's column in The Times (London).

13 November 2006

If there’s one thing far worse than the BNP… is using a botched political prosecution of that far-right party as another stick to beat free speech and jury trials.

30 October 2006

Who’s afraid of flag-burning?

Police proposals to ban the desecration of flags should be shot down in flames.

25 October 2006

Let’s have a heated debate

Officialdom's calls for a 'gentle, nuanced' debate about race, veils and multiculturalism is just another way of policing public discussion.

24 October 2006

Are Muslims a threat to free speech?

So asked Channel 4, in a programme which revealed the real problem is the West’s own politics of inoffensiveness.

18 October 2006

‘Free speech’ is more than a slogan

Those who suggest limits on free speech are in effect opposing rational debate - and painting a dim picture of humanity.

13 October 2006

Publish, and you can still be damned

An 'historic' judgement in the House of Lords might make it easier to defend a libel case, but leaves press freedom subject to a bad law.

4 October 2006

‘The police can’t tell satire from seriousness’

A member of Jewdas, the tongue-in-cheek Jewish community group, slams the arrest of Jewdas members for handing out 'offensive' leaflets.