Free speech
Free speech

Free speech

30 January 2008

Institutionalised prudishness

A Ryanair chief has described the Advertising Standards Authority as a ‘bunch of unelected, self-appointed dimwits’. He has a point.

20 December 2007

BBC, pogue mahone

As if the BBC's cack-handed censorship of the Pogues' Fairytale of New York wasn't bad enough, now it seems Beeb bosses want to sanitise every record they play.

6 December 2007

How a Sensitivity Stasi is eroding artistic freedom

Citywide bans on the ‘wrong’ kind of music; poets put under house arrest; plays pulled lest they stir up violence… what’s going on in modern Britain?

29 November 2007

In Britain, heretics get a metaphorical lashing

The Sudanese 'teddy bear affair' is bizarre. But it’s not a million miles from Britain’s own policing of morality, speech and thought.

26 November 2007

Why I invited Griffin
and Irving

Luke Tryl, president of the Oxford Union, discusses free speech and extremism with spiked editor Brendan O’Neill.

26 November 2007

Just say no to
‘No Platform’

A student at the University of East Anglia strikes a blow for free speech against the NUS's censorious policies.

22 November 2007

What's wrong with censuring journalists?

A contributor to Ken Livingstone's report on Islamophobia in the press responds to spiked editor Brendan O'Neill's criticisms.

21 November 2007

Slamming the lid on free expression

With its ban on a bathroom ad and its warnings about 'violent ads', the UK advertising watchdog is reinforcing the tyranny of the prudish minority.

19 November 2007

Sensitive Spanish royals, avert your eyes

In solidarity with two cartoonists who were convicted of ‘vilifying’ the Crown Prince of Spain, and fined 3,000 Euros each, spiked republishes their cartoon.

15 November 2007

London’s PC despot

In the name of combating 'Islamophobia', Ken Livingstone has launched an attack on press freedom that reveals his fear of the public.