Free speech
Free speech

Free speech

30 March 2006

Whitewashing academic debate

A student of Dr Frank Ellis - the Leeds lecturer suspended for his racist views - asks why the university couldn't handle a heated argument.

28 March 2006

Free speech, with the edges taken off

Saturday's rally in the rain for free expression was a damp squib.

21 February 2006

Free speech in Europe: it’s all or nothing

As British historian David Irving is imprisoned in Austria for Holocaust denial, read this spiked article first published in December last year.

13 February 2006

A tale of two demos

Saturday's demonstration of moderate Muslims was presented as a peaceful counter to last week's aggressive gathering. In fact, similar resentments seemed to simmer beneath both.

9 February 2006

Abu Hamza: imprisoned for talking rubbish

His incarceration for incitement is the political equivalent of a panto villain being booed off stage by excitable kids.

3 February 2006

Free speech, not ‘Me! Me! Me! speech’

Read spiked editor Mick Hume in The Times (London) on the religious hatred bill.

27 September 2005

Free speech on campus

There should be no 'No Platform' policy for Hizb ut-Tahrir - or anybody else.

16 September 2005

Making public debate history

Why should the authorities have the right to shut up both Make Poverty History and the BNP?

16 August 2005

Warning from Australia: don’t legislate against hate

An Australian Muslim says that Victoria's laws against incitement to religious hatred have sown division, and undermined freedom of speech, thought and conscience.

25 July 2005

Why Roman picked London for his libel trial

How does a film director based in France who is a fugitive from the USA sue a US publisher and win? By taking his case to 'a town called Sue'.