Free speech
Free speech

Free speech

Mamma mia, what double standards

It’s a bit rich for British commentators to be outraged over Berlusconi’s ‘gag bill’. He got the idea from us.

Mocking Muhammad:
a shallow Enlightenment

Of course people should be free to say ‘I shit on Muhammad’. But here’s a question: why are they so keen to say it?

Who made the BNP into free-speech martyrs?

It is only because liberal activists have ditched the cause of freedom that the far right can claim it as its own.

After thoughtcrime, now we have tweetcrime

The conviction of a Twitter user for posting a joke about a bomb shows how insanely paranoid officialdom has become.

Who’s afraid of teenage lads’ mags?

The Danny Dyer controversy is based on a view of working-class youth as easily brainwashed monkeys.

The revolution will not be Tel Aviv’ed

Gil Scott-Heron should ignore censorious ‘pro-Palestine’ campaigners who want him to cancel his Tel Aviv gig.

22 April 2010

Dog-fighting videos: a free speech issue

A US Supreme Court ruling rightly argues that all speech should be free, not just speech that is ‘socially beneficial’.

Thou shalt not criticise homosexuals

What kind of country arrests religious preachers in the streets and drags them to court? Britain, actually.

18 March 2010

Why we were right to fight

Ten years after a libel trial closed LM magazine, its former editor reflects on how that case foreshadowed the battles over free speech today.

25 February 2010

Have Italian judges ‘broken the internet’?

Yes, the Italian decision on Google was mad, but many of the British politicians slating it also have a dire track record on freedom of speech.