Free speech
Free speech

Free speech

The rise and rise of Climate Blasphemy

Today’s Ofcom ruling on The Great Global Warming Swindle strengthens the censorious forcefield around climate change experts.

15 July 2008

A naked return for puritanism

A row in Australia over an art magazine cover shows that our leaders are less at ease with child nudity than the prudish Victorians were.

26 June 2008

No defender of liberty should use the libel laws

England’s law of defamation is the enemy of free speech. So why did the head of Liberty threaten a minister with a writ?

3 June 2008

Freedom is not an academic discussion

The idea that British academics should boycott Israeli universities and their staff is a slap in the face to academic freedom and solidarity.

13 March 2008

Blasphemy is dead!
Long live blasphemy!

England’s dusty, archaic and unpopular blasphemy laws look set to be abolished, but Ofcom and others are keeping their censorious spirit alive.

The student doth protest too much

Teachers should not backslap a group of teenage girls who refused to sit an exam on Shakespeare in protest against his anti-Semitism.

The Independent, Big Oil and me

A gossip columnist’s libel against spiked in a national newspaper unwittingly revealed a lot about contemporary politics and debate.

3 March 2008

The phoney war over Harry of Afghanistan

While both bombastic defenders and shrill critics of the pact of silence are firing blanks, nobody wants to debate Britain’s real Afghan war

3 March 2008

A potted history of media deference

The ‘gentleman’s agreement’ between editors and royals about Harry’s stint in Afghanistan is not the first time the media have bowed and scraped before royalty.

30 January 2008

Institutionalised prudishness

A Ryanair chief has described the Advertising Standards Authority as a ‘bunch of unelected, self-appointed dimwits’. He has a point.