Free speech
Free speech

Free speech

18 March 2010

Why we were right to fight

Ten years after a libel trial closed LM magazine, its former editor reflects on how that case foreshadowed the battles over free speech today.

25 February 2010

Have Italian judges ‘broken the internet’?

Yes, the Italian decision on Google was mad, but many of the British politicians slating it also have a dire track record on freedom of speech.

22 February 2010

The PCC is no match for the witch-hunters

The PCC’s ruling on Jan Moir didn’t cause much fuss because the job of censuring her had already been done.

16 February 2010

First they came for the neo-fascists...

The cajoling of the racist BNP to change its constitution should alarm everyone who believes in free association.

10 February 2010

Who’s really exploiting children on the Web?

Under the cover of ‘protecting kids’, censorious groups are demonising the internet as a dark and dangerous place.

26 January 2010

Free speech on campus? Yes. A free ride? No

There should be full freedom of speech for ‘extremists’ in British universities – and also for those who want to slate or ridicule them.

19 January 2010

A Savage attack on free speech

The UK government’s border ban on an American shock jock reveals its utter disdain for freedom of speech and its fear of a volatile public.

13 January 2010

Can we have our Voltaire back please?

Voltaire’s belief in freedom of speech has been so spectacularly abandoned by mainstream society that it can now be co-opted by radical Islamists.

7 January 2010

Wootton Bassett: a
political pantomime

The clash between self-pitying Islamists and weeping military men is a perfect metaphor for the ‘war on terror’.

5 January 2010

‘Some people want to see me beheaded’

Comedian and radio presenter Tom Binns tells spiked how he was sacked for the crime of ‘insulting the monarch’.