Free speech
Free speech

Free speech

18 February 2011

The twitch-hunting of Kenneth Tong

The man who caused a storm and outraged Rihanna with his pro-anorexia tweets tells spiked why he did it – and why he has no regrets.

9 February 2011

A global conspiracy against St Julian?

Julian Assange’s supporters don’t know who to fear most: the Great Satan that is America or ‘feminazi’ Sweden.

9 February 2011

Liberal snobbery moves into ‘top gear’

The fuss over a joke about Mexican cars shows how the elite’s disdain for Jeremy Clarkson fans has turned nasty.

31 January 2011

Facebook does not make you mentally ill

Some experts now claim that social networking is turning us into a nation of nutters. It’s therapeutic drivel.

11 January 2011

The EU vs Hungary: the clash of the censors

EU officials are only concerned about Hungary’s new media law because it is explicitly moralistic. Brussels prefers technocratic censorship.

11 January 2011

Scrapping ‘libel tourism’ is not enough

Nick Clegg’s proposals are welcome. But to protect free speech we need to gag England’s libel laws completely.

22 December 2010

Let’s make 2011 the year of free speech

We should take to task the film censors, advert-banners and political blacklisters who think they know better than us.

14 December 2010

Why Wikileaks is now splitting the liberal elite

It is not ‘the Empire’ that is swallowing up Julian Assange – it is the very politics of exposé that he himself did so much to institutionalise.

14 December 2010

Hacktivism: the poison gas of cyberspace

The Anonymous hackers waging ‘cyber war’ in defence of Wikileaks are, ironically, acting censoriously.

30 November 2010

Al-Qaeda supporters on campus – so what?

If there’s one place where people should be tested and provoked by all sorts of ideas, it’s the academy.