Free speech
Free speech

Free speech

9 September 2010

Can’t we chuck the ASA on the bonfire, too?

We don’t need a prudish and unaccountable watchdog to decide how products and services are presented to us.

8 September 2010

This seems like news of another world entirely

Is reheating an old scandal about a Tory spindoctor and phone tapping at the News of the World really the best the Opposition can offer?

1 September 2010

Not showing at a cinema near you

The BBFC’s effective banning of A Serbian Film shows that we still aren’t trusted to judge movies for ourselves.

23 August 2010

Gagging orders keep the rumour mill running

Yes it’s a problem that society is obsessed with celebs’ private lives, but that won’t be fixed by issuing superinjunctions.

12 August 2010

You can stir up fear – just don’t cause offence

The banning of a police ad on the dangers of terrorism exposes the schizophrenia of Britain’s ‘war on terror’.

15 July 2010

How Jon Gaunt became a free-speech martyr

A High Court ruling against the ‘shock jock’ confirmed that the state can pick and choose what we’re allowed to hear.

30 June 2010

Criminalising the rough and tumble of politics

The conviction of a black Bristol City councillor who called an Asian colleague a ‘coconut’ is a serious assault on free speech and democracy.

Mamma mia, what double standards

It’s a bit rich for British commentators to be outraged over Berlusconi’s ‘gag bill’. He got the idea from us.

Mocking Muhammad:
a shallow Enlightenment

Of course people should be free to say ‘I shit on Muhammad’. But here’s a question: why are they so keen to say it?

Who made the BNP into free-speech martyrs?

It is only because liberal activists have ditched the cause of freedom that the far right can claim it as its own.