Free speech
Free speech

Free speech

19 January 2010

A Savage attack on free speech

The UK government’s border ban on an American shock jock reveals its utter disdain for freedom of speech and its fear of a volatile public.

13 January 2010

Can we have our Voltaire back please?

Voltaire’s belief in freedom of speech has been so spectacularly abandoned by mainstream society that it can now be co-opted by radical Islamists.

7 January 2010

Wootton Bassett: a
political pantomime

The clash between self-pitying Islamists and weeping military men is a perfect metaphor for the ‘war on terror’.

5 January 2010

‘Some people want to see me beheaded’

Comedian and radio presenter Tom Binns tells spiked how he was sacked for the crime of ‘insulting the monarch’.

17 December 2009

What’s liberal about booing off Johnny Ball?

The jeering of a climate sceptic by supposedly liberal atheists confirms that questioning manmade climate change is the new blasphemy.

17 December 2009

Democracy takes a beating in Italy

Italian politicians are taking advantage of the attack on Silvio Berlusconi in Milan to clamp down on liberties.

25 November 2009

Don’t make libel law ‘fairer’. Make it history

If we are serious about defending freedom of speech, then English libel should be sentenced to death.

2 November 2009

Telling unfunny jokes should not be a crime

The fining of French comedian Dieudonné for publicly insulting Jews is a crime against freedom of speech.

28 October 2009

If comedians can’t be offensive, who can?

Jimmy Carr is only the latest public figure to fall victim to the ‘offence hounds’ who love being scandalised.

23 October 2009

‘Would the BBC give a platform to Hitler?’

Patrick Hayes joined the rabble of censors protesting outside BBC Television Centre in the run-up to Question Time.