Free speech
Free speech

Free speech

26 February 2007

Tyranny of the individual

House of Fraser’s removal of an ‘offensive’ ad following a single complaint shows that any sensitive soul can play the chief censor these days.

23 February 2007

Congratulations, you’ve got junk mail worth reading

Two commonsense, anti-killjoy chain letters are making the rounds on the web. spiked traced their origins and spoke to the authors.

19 February 2007

Censoring students at Oxford? That is so gay

Welcome to the Oxford college where students can use the word gay to refer to a homosexual man but not to describe a rubbish pool shot.

9 February 2007

Why we’re standing by our un-PC pie

A Tipton pub serving something called ‘The Michael Barrymore Pie – Faggots Swimming in Gravy’ explains itself to spiked.

6 February 2007

'Genocide denial laws will shut down debate'

She's one of the best-known warriors against Holocaust denial. Yet Deborah Lipstadt thinks EU plans to ban 'genocide denial' are a disaster.

15 January 2007

Why I applauded the ‘BNP ballerina’

Who cares what Simone Clarke thinks in private? Her performance as Giselle was sprightly, springy and brilliant.

28 December 2006

Let’s make 2007 the Year of Real Tolerance

...and not the vacuous, censorious kind promoted in Xmas messages by the Queen and Channel 4.

1 December 2006

More news from the world, please

Whatever you think of the tabloid editor who bugged Princes Charles and William, the fact is reporters must sometimes break the law.

29 November 2006

Why I still love Cosmo Kramer

Comedian Michael Richards might be a ranting ass, but that doesn’t mean we can never laugh at Seinfeld again.

24 November 2006

Advertising is a free speech issue

The ban on junk food ads on British TV is far more 'mind-controlling' than anything a cynical adman could come up with.