Free speech

25 July 2016

How campus censorship is conquering the world

‘Progressive censorship’ is spreading from colleges into politics.

22 July 2016

Beware the phoney defenders of free speech

The Milo/Leslie Jones spat exposes the awfulness of the alt-right.

24 June 2016

A blasphemy trial for today

John Osborne’s play about George Holyoake, the last man to stand trial for blasphemy in England, continues to resonate.

12 June 2016

Hate speech is free speech

Jonathan Haidt, Peter Tatchell and others stand up for free thought.

We must have the freedom to hate

Hatred is an emotion, and the state has no business policing emotion.

10 June 2016

‘I think it’s good to hear hate speech’

Jonathan Rauch on why we should embrace being offended.

4 June 2016

‘This referendum invites us to dismantle the political order’

This week’s podcast: the radical case for Brexit.