Free speech
Free speech

Free speech

24 August 2016

Defending free speech Down Under

Brendan O’Neill gets vilified for opposing censorship.

20 August 2016

‘Hate speech must be free speech’

Podcast: Brendan O'Neill says the state has no business policing emotion.

19 August 2016

Free Anjem Choudary

He’s repulsive, but he shouldn’t be sent to prison.

16 August 2016

Anti-feminism: the new heresy

The witch-hunting of critics of feminism has got to stop.

13 August 2016

‘I was fined $42,000 for telling a joke’

Mike Ward talks comedy, censorship and why we can't let the offence-takers win.

13 August 2016

‘Even when the Olympics is bad, it’s still great’

Podcast: Mick Hume stands up for the greatest show on Earth.

4 August 2016

Rose Must Fall: censorship at UCT

The University of Cape Town has dealt another blow to academic freedom.