TV and radio

TV and radio

20 August 2002

Clocking off

After seven nights of catching up with the plot, a square-eyed 24 fan gets a chance to rest.

2 August 2002

Jaded telly

Why the best ambassador for Big Brother didn't win.

25 July 2002

Watching them watching themselves

The contestants in Big Brother 3 treat the cameras like an additional housemate.

11 April 2002


What kind of sick person would want to watch The Truth About Lesbian Sex?

4 April 2002

TV UK, 4 April

Dead royals, red ties and ratings v principles.

28 March 2002

TV UK, 28 March

BBC1's new red 'idents' celebrate everything from the Maori Haka to disabled basketball - but not foxhunting.