TV and radio

TV and radio

17 June 2003

Big Brother - why bother?

The annual Big Brother row is becoming a summer fixture, like football transfer speculation and rainy barbecues.

13 June 2003

TV UK, 13 June

Gang Wars: believing the bullshit bragging of adolescents.

5 June 2003

TV UK, 5 June

The producers of Big Brother are only mildly nefarious compared with the politicians who fawn over them.

29 May 2003

TV UK, 29 May

TV dramas can make the most unattractive lifestyles look alluring.

Hitler's youth

Hitler: The Rise of Evil tried to 'understand' the personality, by ignoring history.

22 May 2003

TV UK, 22 May

The Killing Zone: emoting over the Middle East.

22 May 2003

Eurovision loses its focus

The Song Contest has been spoiled by acts that actually want to have a proper music career.

3 April 2003

TV UK, 3 April

Fat Girls and Feeders: an unpalatable documentary based on invented villains.

3 February 2003

TV UK, 3 February

The Rotters' Club: never mind nostalgia.

11 November 2002

Heroes or role models?

spiked editor Mick Hume in The Times (London).