TV and radio

TV and radio

18 March 2004

TV UK, 18 March

While Gunpowder, Treason and Plot played fast and loose with history, it did manage a right-on pop at sectarianism.

11 March 2004

TV UK, 11 March

Dramatic reconstruction is bunk.

10 March 2004

Apocalypse TV

spiked editor Mick Hume in The Times (London), on the theatre of fear.

30 January 2004

TV UK, 30 January

Two documentaries on the miners' strike give a window on another age.

18 July 2003

TV UK, 18 July

The Money Programme couldn't decide whether people are sick of McDonald's, or addicted to it.

3 July 2003

TV UK, 3 July

It is obvious that Alastair Campbell is behind the bomb plot in 24.

Out of Africa

Big Brother Africa is better than Big Brother Britain only because it's the first series rather than the fourth.

27 June 2003

TV UK, 27 June

From Wimbledon to Damascus: weathering TV's summer schedule.

17 June 2003

Big Brother - why bother?

The annual Big Brother row is becoming a summer fixture, like football transfer speculation and rainy barbecues.

13 June 2003

TV UK, 13 June

Gang Wars: believing the bullshit bragging of adolescents.