TV and radio

31 October 2014

Educating the East End: school as soap opera

The latest fly-on-the-wall education doc shows how British schools have become centres of therapy rather than learning.

28 August 2014

Why feminists bow down to Beyoncé

The excitement over Queen B’s ‘feminist’ VMA turn reeks of desperation.

5 August 2014

Twin Peaks: this revolution was televised

A new edition of the TV series and its movie prequel reminds us just what a game-changer David Lynch’s opus was.

World Cup balls

It’s been a bad World Cup for England – even worse for punditry.

12 May 2014

Russia-baiting reveals its Wurst side

Anti-Russian Westerners have turned Conchita Wurst's Eurovision winner into a weapon in the culture wars.

6 May 2014

Clarkson: the c‑word that counts is ‘context’

The hysteria over his 'n-word' mumble marks a new stage in the war on words.

27 March 2014

Martin Amis’ England: cosy, trite viewing

The once-great novelist is really only comfortable when talking about himself.