TV and radio

28 August 2014

Why feminists bow down to Beyoncé

The excitement over Queen B’s ‘feminist’ VMA turn reeks of desperation.

5 August 2014

Twin Peaks: this revolution was televised

A new edition of the TV series and its movie prequel reminds us just what a game-changer David Lynch’s opus was.

World Cup balls

It’s been a bad World Cup for England – even worse for punditry.

12 May 2014

Russia-baiting reveals its Wurst side

Anti-Russian Westerners have turned Conchita Wurst's Eurovision winner into a weapon in the culture wars.

6 May 2014

Clarkson: the c‑word that counts is ‘context’

The hysteria over his 'n-word' mumble marks a new stage in the war on words.

27 March 2014

Martin Amis’ England: cosy, trite viewing

The once-great novelist is really only comfortable when talking about himself.