3 February 2009

Yesterday’s anti-Zionism is today’s anti-Semitism

The head of the Community Security Trust responds to Frank Furedi’s essay on 21st-century anti-Jewish sentiment.

28 January 2009

No Platform for anyone called Rothschild

I know how Douglas Murray feels after being disinvited from a university debate. I was once rejected due to my surname.

22 January 2009

Israel, Gaza and the politics of victimhood

Are we seeing the rise of ‘humanitarian’ anti-Semitism, with Israelis treated as the new Serbs? One author thinks so.

19 January 2009

After Gaza: what’s behind 21st-century anti-Semitism?

Anti-Israel sentiment is morphing into anti-Jewish sentiment, as more and more people project their disdain for the modern world on to ‘the Jew’.

19 January 2009

The politics of anti-Zionism

Today’s widespread attacks on Zionism as ‘expansionist and racist’ are historically illiterate, and not as radical as they sound.

14 January 2009

Israel, Starbucks and the new irrationalism

In that coffee shop gutted by Gaza protesters, on the basis of rumour and prejudice, we can glimpse the emergence of cultural anti-Semitism.

14 January 2009

Creating their own private Gazas

The fancy-dress protest in London was fuelled by narcissism rather than real solidarity with the Palestinians.

A war of words over the 'Yid Army'

Ignore the touchy PC brigade: the fans of north London football club Tottenham Hotspur should be allowed to call themselves whatever they like.

6 March 2007

What’s behind the ‘new anti-Semitism’?

The game of ‘spot the anti-Semite’ currently being played in intellectual circles misses what is new in expressions of the oldest prejudice today.