19 February 2016

When anti-Zionism slips into anti-Semitism

On British campuses, pro-Israel students are having a rough time.

18 December 2014

‘We don’t feel welcome in our own universities’

Pro-Israel students on the censorship and intolerance they face.

5 February 2014

Why the PC police want to rid football of Yids

It's not anti-Semitism they fear, but rough, gruff, knuckle-dragging footie fans.

4 February 2014

Time for some new answers to the Jewish Question

Too many Europeans are acquiescing to anti-Semitism instead of fighting it.

3 February 2014

How conspiracy culture made anti-Semitism respectable

The mainstreaming of conspiratorial thinking has been very bad news for Jews.

13 November 2013

‘Why I defied a novelist to publish his book in Israel’

An Israeli activist tells spiked why he broke a literary boycott of his country.

16 February 2010

The mad myth of Israeli organ theft

The sacking of Baroness Tonge was not the work of any Jewish lobby, but of Britain’s own fearful and impotent political elite.

24 August 2009

The irrational streak to Israel-bashing

An article about the IDF stealing organs suggests ancient myths are becoming acceptable again in polite society.