3 May 2016

BDS: boycotting academic freedom

College leaders need to stand up to this illiberal and bigoted campaign.

30 April 2016

Labour, anti‑Semitism and the cult of ‘You Can’t Say That!’

The Livingstone debacle exposes both sides in Labour's anti-Semitism row.

21 March 2016

Don’t blame Corbyn for the rise of anti‑Semitism

Labour-bashing commentators are clouding this important discussion.

18 March 2016

‘No, Corbyn’s Labour is not full of anti-Semites’

We discuss the left and Jews, German politics, and Britain's Budget.

19 February 2016

When anti-Zionism slips into anti-Semitism

On British campuses, pro-Israel students are having a rough time.

18 December 2014

‘We don’t feel welcome in our own universities’

Pro-Israel students on the censorship and intolerance they face.

5 February 2014

Why the PC police want to rid football of Yids

It's not anti-Semitism they fear, but rough, gruff, knuckle-dragging footie fans.

4 February 2014

Time for some new answers to the Jewish Question

Too many Europeans are acquiescing to anti-Semitism instead of fighting it.