25 October 2016

Of course Donald Trump loves England’s libel laws

Trump’s instinctual illiberalism is of a piece with our backward laws.

25 October 2016

Singling out Israel, singling out Jews

The left’s obsession with Israel has rehabilitated anti-Semitism.

4 October 2016

Corbyn’s critics are trivialising anti‑Semitism

Both of Labour's warring sides are using Jews as weapons.

3 May 2016

BDS: boycotting academic freedom

College leaders need to stand up to this illiberal and bigoted campaign.

30 April 2016

Labour, anti‑Semitism and the cult of ‘You Can’t Say That!’

The Livingstone debacle exposes both sides in Labour's anti-Semitism row.

21 March 2016

Don’t blame Corbyn for the rise of anti‑Semitism

Labour-bashing commentators are clouding this important discussion.

18 March 2016

‘No, Corbyn’s Labour is not full of anti-Semites’

We discuss the left and Jews, German politics, and Britain's Budget.