MPs’ expenses and the political crisis

MPs’ expenses and the political crisis

8 April 2014

The real Miller’s tale: the threat to press freedom

The real scandal is the culture secretary’s attempt to lay down Leveson’s law.

10 November 2010

A transparent attempt to resuscitate politics

A new UK government website reveals every ministerial lunch and penny of spending, but it only reinforces the problem of distrust.

10 February 2010

MPs at work are above the law, and rightly so

The post-expenses-scandal idea that MPs are ‘nothing special’ is another way of saying that the public’s choices and desires are nothing special.

17 November 2009

Election: up for grabs, but nothing to play for

As Gordon Brown launches the General Election campaign, the one certainty seems to be that we won't be offered any political choice.

22 July 2009

What good’s an election without alternatives?

In the hands of the UK’s non-political parties, the historic crisis of the system is in danger of becoming an historic missed opportunity.

The hangdog dictator in Downing Street

It is the cowardice of his own party and lack of moral authority of the other parties that allows the utterly isolated Brown to stay in power.

8 June 2009

Expenses, excuses and Labour delusions

Whether Gordon Brown stays or goes, New Labour’s political crisis goes far deeper than him.

The psycho-politics of a collapsing elite

The most revealing thing about the leaked Mandelson emails is the amateur psychologising of a cut-off government.

8 June 2009

The myth of a far-right surge

The BNP won seats not because support for it has exploded, but because of the demise of the mainstream parties.

1 June 2009

They’re all ‘independent’ now - but from what?

In response to the expenses scandal, even the PM wants to stand on his personal conscience rather than political principles. But we still need politics.