23 August 2005

Mo Mowlam and the politics of disgruntlement

Everyone agrees that she was a 'breath of fresh air', but what exactly did she stand for?

4 March 2005

We’re all gonzo now

Hunter S Thompson's penchant for putting himself in the story is today what passes for mainstream journalism.

5 November 2004

John Peel died in 1998

With Home Truths, he crossed the fine line between Scouse-ish wit and cloying sentimentality.

7 July 2004

Elvis and Marlon

Fifty years on, why we bow down to the King more than the Wild One.

1 October 2003

What Edward Said

A reflection on the Palestinian theorist's strivings, insights and shortcomings.

18 September 2003

Hard Cash and soft men

What Johnny Cash means to the Nick Hornby generation.