14 February 2011

Gary Moore: the bebop guitarist

An appreciation of the Thin Lizzy guitarist who died last week.

30 December 2010

RIP Denis Dutton

A friend and fan of spiked who took ideas and the world wide web seriously.

29 November 2010

Falling fowl of the food snobs

Bernard Matthews became a culinary Antichrist for the chattering classes who never shop anywhere but Waitrose.

13 October 2010

‘I’ve been bombed and it’s bloody frightening’

A look back at Claire Rayner’s wise words to spiked about war, freedom and modern-day buffoonery.

18 August 2010

Tory David Cameron’s debt to Red Jimmy Reid

How the 1971 UCS ‘work-in’, led by the recently deceased firebrand, helped to pave the way for today’s all-in-it-together response to the crisis.

The last leader of the Labour Party

Two veterans of the revolutionary left, Michael Fitzpatrick and Mick Hume, opt out of the nostalgia-fest following Michael Foot’s death.

Why Salinger still speaks to us

He may not have published very much, but Salinger’s contribution to modern literature was enormous: the creation of a new kind of literary character struggling with the crisis and corrosion of The Individual.

18 September 2009

Keith Floyd and the end of an era

It’s not the death of the wine-soaked celebrity chef that has been changing TV cookery shows, but the recession.

14 September 2009

Norman Borlaug, RIP

As spiked launches a new debate about the future of food, we mourn the man who fed the world.

20 April 2009

Ballard: explorer of catastrophe

The author of Empire of the Sun and Crash was no dystopian prophet; he used disaster to reimagine the world.