1 September 2015

Wes Craven: exploring the horror within

The Nightmare on Elm Street director confronted the human condition in an age of unreason.

2 June 2015

Remembering Charles Kennedy

He had a big personality. But in his own words, he wasn’t anti-war.

24 March 2015

The Communist who made Singapore a capitalist success

Lee Kuan Yew transformed a small trading post – but at a cost.

24 March 2015

Lee Kuan Yew: the last of the great authoritarians

Love him or loathe him, he had something his successors lack.

9 January 2015

Ulrich Beck and the turn against modernity

The late sociologist encapsulated the fears of our era.

5 September 2014

After Joan, who’ll slaughter the sacred cows now?

Peculiarly in this PC era, Rivers treated her audience as grown-ups.

1 July 2014

Bobby Womack: the last soul man

The tributes to Womack have breezed over the many achievements of his unique career.

10 June 2014

Rik Mayall: the people’s poet is dead

In the role of The Young Ones' Rick, Mayall was responsible for one of the great creations of postwar British comedy.

20 May 2014

RIP Gabriel Kolko, a true free thinker

Why Kolko's work stirred the minds of my Sixties generation.