23 September 2015

Living longer is a cause for celebration

The ageing population is a challenge, not a threat.

3 December 2014

Ecopop lost, but its miserabilism lives on

Switzerland rejected green immigration proposals - now it needs to reject green principles.

30 October 2014

We need more, not fewer people

The scourge ravaging humanity is not overpopulation; it’s underdevelopment.

4 June 2014

London will never be ‘full up’

Ignore the miserabilism about London's population hitting 10million - this great city can handle it.

20 November 2013

Did fecund Filipinos bring the typhoon upon themselves?

Meet the miserabilists who think Filipinos bred themselves into disaster.

1 November 2013

The truth about India’s ‘gendercide’

The ‘missing millions’ of Indian women are as much a product of the Western obsession with overpopulation as misogyny.

15 April 2013

We need a bit more hunger to end poverty

Claims that climate change will cause mass starvation could actually make it harder to feed the world.

28 January 2013

David Attenborough’s demographic determinism

The TV naturalist is still banging on about there being ‘too many people’, just when others fret about declining population.