Israel and Palestine

Israel and Palestine

14 January 2009

Creating their own private Gazas

The fancy-dress protest in London was fuelled by narcissism rather than real solidarity with the Palestinians.

8 January 2009

Gaza is not Warsaw

The comparison of Israel to the Nazis sums up the childish and dangerous ‘binary thinking’ that is rife in international affairs today.

8 January 2009

There is no such thing as a ‘good lie’

Hoax horror stories do no favours for Palestinians, instead turning them into objects of Western pity.

8 January 2009

Who made Gaza into a bloody trap?

Blaming ‘Israeli insanity’ for imprisoning Gazans overlooks the central role of the polite, Western peace process.

6 January 2009

The antithesis of anti-imperialism

Anyone who cares about Palestinian self-determination should steer clear of the Israel-bashing lobby; there’s nothing progressive in it.

5 January 2009

Whose war is it anyway?

The projection of the West’s Culture Wars on to the Middle East turns it into a permaconflict, depriving all sides of an incentive to compromise.

5 January 2009

War without ends?

Neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians appear to be pursuing any clear strategic aims in their clash in Gaza.

5 January 2009

The first Twitterwar

‘Respect R rt 2 live...’ The Web 2.0 battle being fought alongside the war in Gaza reveals Israel’s defensiveness.

5 January 2009

‘We are all Gazans now’

The anti-war protests against Israel have been based less on the brotherhood of man than on the victimhood of man.

25 August 2006

Oh Palestine, let us mother you!

Why so many Westerners get an emotional kick from looking at pictures of injured Palestinian kids.