Israel and Palestine

Israel and Palestine

5 January 2009

Whose war is it anyway?

The projection of the West’s Culture Wars on to the Middle East turns it into a permaconflict, depriving all sides of an incentive to compromise.

5 January 2009

War without ends?

Neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians appear to be pursuing any clear strategic aims in their clash in Gaza.

5 January 2009

The first Twitterwar

‘Respect R rt 2 live...’ The Web 2.0 battle being fought alongside the war in Gaza reveals Israel’s defensiveness.

5 January 2009

‘We are all Gazans now’

The anti-war protests against Israel have been based less on the brotherhood of man than on the victimhood of man.

25 August 2006

Oh Palestine, let us mother you!

Why so many Westerners get an emotional kick from looking at pictures of injured Palestinian kids.

12 April 2002

Why the West is turning on Israel

The newfound discomfort with Israeli aggression is a symptom of the West’s loss of conviction in itself.

The USA can't help

We would all like to see peace in the Middle East - but it will not come from Washington.

2 April 2002

War without ends

What are the Israelis and the Palestinians fighting for?