17 November 2008

Now, at last, we know the truth about Georgia

The myth of a plucky republic being ‘ethnically cleansed’ by an evil Russian regime was just that: a myth.

15 September 2008

The ‘Bosnian model’ is no model for Georgia

Turning sections of the Caucasus into international protectorates will not deliver anything like democracy.

28 August 2008

The politics of recognition

Attacks on Russia for recognising breakaway regions in Georgia are riddled with hypocrisy: Moscow is playing a game invented by the West.

28 August 2008

Russia’s first ‘Western-style’ war

Far from the Russian Bear reasserting its Great Power, its foreign policy, like Britain and America’s, is uncertain and erratic.

18 August 2008

Why the West can’t kick its Cold War habit

After Georgia: In an era of juvenile diplomacy and patternless foreign policy, Cold War talk can easily become Hot War horrors.

18 August 2008

The myth of a plucky republic

After Georgia: Far from ‘defending democracy’, Saakashvili and his backers have robbed Georgians of any real say over their fate.

11 August 2008

Georgia: the messy truth behind the morality tale

The black-and-white reading of the horrific violence in South Ossetia overlooks the role of the ‘war on terror’ in destabilising the region.