22 August 2016

Rio: a Games to savour

Five things that made the Olympics so wonderful.

18 August 2016

All that matters is gold

A medal for coming second or third is a loser’s medal.

15 August 2016

A welcome shot of Olympic spirit

The ethos of the Olympics flies in the face of today’s cultural pessimism.

8 August 2016

The worst Olympics are the greatest Games on Earth

Five reasons to give the Rio Games a chance of glory.

4 August 2016

Their Britain, and ours

Brexit was a far more positive thing than the 2012 Olympic ceremony.

12 November 2015

Russian Olympic scandal, or dopey Western stunt?

It’s much easier to lecture Putin over drugs in sport than bombs in Syria.

21 December 2012

How the Olympics killed the killjoys

In London 2012, elite cynicism was wrestled and defeated by a mass, democratic thirst for spectacle.

12 September 2012

An Olympic-shaped hole in our society?

Everybody now agrees that the London 2012 Games showed Britain can ‘do big things’. So why did nobody believe that two months ago?

12 September 2012

New Olympic sport: sneering at squaddies

The hostility shown towards some soldiers during the Games is a product of the elite’s disavowal of military values.