Tourism and travel

Tourism and travel

23 January 2012

Riding the waves of a cruise crash

Dominic Standish reports from Italy on how anti-ship agitators are milking the Concordia tragedy.

17 January 2012

Costa Concordia: a vessel for anti-consumerist angst

Some observers are tastelessly leaping on board the sunken ship to pontificate about the decadence and folly of big, brassy cruise-liners.

26 May 2011

How hyper-mobility can change the world

By investing in faster and cheaper transportation, we can truly realise the dream of a global village.

6 August 2009

Defend green jobs! Smash ungreen jobs!

Environmentalists are defending jobs at the ‘good’ Vestas wind-turbine factory while ignoring the sacking of workers at ‘evil’ Thomas Cook.

6 August 2009

We need planes, trains and automobiles

Justifying high-speed rail as a way of stopping people from flying is a perverse anti-travel argument.

6 August 2009

Are British stag nights really wrecking Riga?

The annual silly-season attack on British stags in Latvia is, once again, based on snobbery rather than facts.

6 August 2009

Who’d go on a government-funded gap year?

Travel can be fun and inspiring, just so long as you avoid the micro-managed, skills-obsessed jaunts provided by New Labour.

27 May 2009

Nuns on the rum

The arrest of 17 British men dressed as nuns in Crete should remind us how unmenacing laddish tourists really are.

18 February 2009

Why I’m standing up for the right to fly

The co-founder of Modern Movement explains why they’re holding a pro-flight demo in London on Thursday.

26 January 2009

‘A nasty little piece of smug class warfare’

A Green holiday firm’s promise of ‘chav-free holidays’ for the middle classes exposes the snobbery that underpins radical eco-tourism.