24 January 2005

It’s not so grim up north

A new film about British Asians, Yasmin, is middle-class prejudice masquerading as social concern.

14 January 2005

Vera Drake

Mike Leigh's story of a working-class abortionist in Fifties London treads a fine line between storytelling and polemicising.

23 December 2004

House of Flying Daggers

The crisis of the Hollywood hero is forcing cinema audiences to look east for their superhumans.

14 September 2004

Bashing the McMasses

The real target of the anti-McDonald's film Super Size Me is the people who eat there.

6 August 2004

A ‘Stepford wife’ of a remake

Frank Oz's new version of the 70s feminist-thriller flick is a lobotomised clone.

23 July 2004

The Peter Parker in us all

Spider-Man 2: why we like our superheroes to flaunt their flaws.

30 June 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11 sparks Bush fires

Michael Moore's new film raises the temperature by appealing to the guts, not the head.

Football Factory fodder

The response to a new film about hooligans suggests that while the soccerati might like football, they don’t like its fans.

28 April 2004

Good gay, bad gay

On paper, Monster is a queer activist's movie nightmare - so why no backlash?

27 April 2004

Taking Tarantino to task

The Kill Bill circus is a product of a culture incapable of doing a definitive version of anything.