30 June 2005

Offside, 30 June

Henmania is dead; long live Andymonium?

30 June 2005

TV UK, 30 June

Living with AIDS: responsibility and nihilism in Africa.

30 June 2005

Batman Begins again

The latest version of the comic-book character offers a much-needed heroic lead.

Tough lessons for The Edukators

The characters in a new German film find that rearranging the furniture is no way to change the world.

Downfall of humanity?

The response to a film about Hitler's final days suggests that some believe we're all to blame for the Holocaust.

10 March 2005

Porn, again

Michael Winterbottom's sexually explicit 9 Songs ends up reproducing the anti-humanism of pornography.

18 February 2005

Million Dollar Baby

Clint Eastwood’s new film shows the barbarity of boxing, but ignores its nobility.

24 January 2005

It’s not so grim up north

A new film about British Asians, Yasmin, is middle-class prejudice masquerading as social concern.

14 January 2005

Vera Drake

Mike Leigh's story of a working-class abortionist in Fifties London treads a fine line between storytelling and polemicising.

23 December 2004

House of Flying Daggers

The crisis of the Hollywood hero is forcing cinema audiences to look east for their superhumans.