30 June 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11 sparks Bush fires

Michael Moore's new film raises the temperature by appealing to the guts, not the head.

Football Factory fodder

The response to a new film about hooligans suggests that while the soccerati might like football, they don’t like its fans.

28 April 2004

Good gay, bad gay

On paper, Monster is a queer activist's movie nightmare - so why no backlash?

27 April 2004

Taking Tarantino to task

The Kill Bill circus is a product of a culture incapable of doing a definitive version of anything.

3 March 2004

The geek shall inherit the Earth

The Lord of the Rings' Oscar sweep points to a society that is happier inhabiting Middle-Earth than confronting life in the real world.

4 February 2004

‘Man’s bullshit’ and other wars

Why Cold Mountain has gained a warm reception.

27 March 2003

I’d like to thank the Academy…

...for the best Oscar night in years. But please leave Michael Moore, Jennifer Lopez and Barbara Streisand at home next year.

20 March 2003

La vida de Frida

In Frida, Kahlo shows more than her scars.

More than a Holocaust movie

Two reviewers heard Roman Polanski strike different notes in The Pianist.

14 January 2003

8 Miles and counting

Eminem's debut film is good - but why didn't the director take his star's advice and 'lose himself'?