6 December 2006

Sold short by Shortbus

The arthouse film titillating a certain class of cinemagoer claims to be about the mind and the heart. In fact, it's just porn with a moral message.

24 November 2006

Neither shaken nor stirred

Forget Q, tits, ass, Aston Martins, cocked eyebrows and post-killing quips: Bond’s been in therapy.

20 November 2006

Shop till global injustice drops!

Can you change the world by changing your brand of skinny latte? Two new films give very different views.

7 November 2006

The joke is on the
'US and A'

He's been condemned by Kazhakstan and Gypsy and Jewish pressure groups, yet the real butt of Borat’s gags are rushing to the cinemas.

6 November 2006

Mine your own business

A new film on the 'dark side of environmentalism' exposes some of the myths used to block the building of mines and hold back development.

30 October 2006

A film out of place

Lukas Moodysson’s Container is not so much a film as a weird modern art video. So what’s it doing in the cinema?

23 October 2006

Lonely adults, lost children

Todd Field's Little Children, showing at the London Film Festival, opens a window into America's soul.

10 October 2006

A liberal porn movie

Death of a President provides little in the way of drama or enlightenment.

8 October 2006

‘It is like things are now, but worse’

Alfonso Cuarón’s apocalyptic drama Children of Men may be set in 2027, but it is self-consciously 'about today'.

29 September 2006

‘The Greeks were art house, the Romans were multiplex’

Filmmaker Josh Appignanesi on the problem with the 'art house ghetto' – and why proselytising directors fail their audiences.