29 September 2006

‘The Greeks were art house, the Romans were multiplex’

Filmmaker Josh Appignanesi on the problem with the 'art house ghetto' – and why proselytising directors fail their audiences.

28 July 2006

A seamy side to Sydney

Cate Blanchett’s deluxe, blue-ribbon aura sits uneasily in gritty Aussie drama Little Fish, but the film’s still worth seeing.

‘Truth, justice and all that stuff’

Superman returns - but why, and to do what?

17 July 2006

A war movie with a difference

Ken Loach’s The Wind That Shakes the Barley, set in 1920s wartorn Ireland, brilliantly captures a community’s struggle to make and shape history.

A terrifying confection

By reversing the roles of abuser and victim, Hard Candy sheds light on the paedophile panic and fears of the mob.

20 June 2006

Long live the queens

After those worthy mid-West cowboys, it’s almost a relief to see bitchy homos back on the big screen in Colour Me Kubrick.

'We have some planes...and not much else'

Paul Greengrass' United 93 is chilling and tragic, but it also lays bare the essential smallness of 9/11.

30 May 2006

Not the smartest film in the cinema

Alex Gibney’s documentary about Enron substitutes moral posturing for political insight.

25 May 2006

Chill out, it's an unholy mess

A member of Opus Dei passes judgement on The Da Vinci Code.

Chromophobia: a film that wants to be hated

spiked-film: Director Martha Fiennes throws every stereotyped screw-up into her depiction of life and love in modern London.