16 March 2006

Travellers meet Teletubbies

spiked-film: Perry Ogden’s film about Irish Travellers is well shot but shallow.

9 March 2006

A cold depiction of Capote

spiked-film: Bennett Miller's Capote chastises the author for being ruthlessly ambitious. What's wrong with that?

The sermon on the mountain

spiked-film: Artistically, Brokeback Mountain is quite a good film. Socially, it sucks.

23 February 2006

Death in the Ozon layer

spiked-film: Unlike other films, François Ozon’s Le Temps Qui Reste manages to do ‘dying with dignity’ well.

17 February 2006

George Clooney’s black-and-white politics

spiked-film: Good Night and Good Luck, Clooney's tribute to broadcasters who stood up to Joseph McCarthy, is a deeply conservative movie.

9 February 2006

Hidden: Guilty viewing

spiked-film: Is Michel Haneke's new film worth seeking out?

28 December 2005

March of the Penguins

How did a National Geographic documentary spark discussions about everything from God to climate change?

30 June 2005

Offside, 30 June

Henmania is dead; long live Andymonium?

30 June 2005

TV UK, 30 June

Living with AIDS: responsibility and nihilism in Africa.

30 June 2005

Batman Begins again

The latest version of the comic-book character offers a much-needed heroic lead.