1 April 2016

Hi-Rise: a social breakdown with style

Ben Wheatley brings JG Ballard’s 1970s toffs-v-plebs dystopia to fabulous-looking life.

1 April 2016

Anomalisa: an uncanny success

Charlie Kaufman’s stop-motion film is among his most human.

18 March 2016

In praise of CLR James

A challenging new biopic reveals a tireless, fearless revolutionary.

11 March 2016

It's time we paid tribute to Sylvia Pankhurst

The least that this most radical Suffragette deserves is a statue.

8 March 2016

Son of Saul: hope amid the Holocaust

Frank Furedi on a brilliant film about one man’s search for meaning.

4 March 2016

Grimsby: ‘the scum’ vs Malthusians

Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie has a surprisingly radical twist.