27 October 2015

Macbeth: an adaptation for our times

Justin Kurzel's film is fantastic, and yet something feels lacking.

23 October 2015

Black Panthers:
neither vanguard nor victims

A new film reminds us that radicals didn’t always play the pity card.

21 October 2015

JLaw – be a diva,
not a whiner

Jennifer Lawrence should have confronted her bosses, not complained on 'Lenny'.

6 October 2015

The Martian: a paean to human ingenuity

Ridley Scott's movie is a rallying cry for conquering new frontiers.

4 September 2015

Fuck tha thoughtpolice

More than 25 years after NWA rocked the world, rappers are still being muzzled.

4 September 2015

Aloha: Hollywood’s latest flop

Cameron Crowe's latest is as bad as everyone says it is.

1 September 2015

Wes Craven: exploring the horror within

The Nightmare on Elm Street director confronted the human condition in an age of unreason.