1 April 2016

Hi-Rise: a social breakdown with style

Ben Wheatley brings JG Ballard’s 1970s toffs-v-plebs dystopia to fabulous-looking life.

1 April 2016

Anomalisa: an uncanny success

Charlie Kaufman’s stop-motion film is among his most human.

18 March 2016

In praise of CLR James

A challenging new biopic reveals a tireless, fearless revolutionary.

Must-reads from the past week

Up the Citeh!

Up the Citeh!

11 March 2016

It's time we paid tribute to Sylvia Pankhurst

The least that this most radical Suffragette deserves is a statue.

8 March 2016

Son of Saul: hope amid the Holocaust

Frank Furedi on a brilliant film about one man’s search for meaning.

4 March 2016

Grimsby: ‘the scum’ vs Malthusians

Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie has a surprisingly radical twist.