Crime and the law

Crime and the law

25 November 2009

Don’t make libel law ‘fairer’. Make it history

If we are serious about defending freedom of speech, then English libel should be sentenced to death.

18 November 2009

Modern Warfare 2 has not made me a terrorist

The hysterical campaign against the greatest videogame ever made is based on outdated effects theories.

10 November 2009

See? Mothers can be sex abusers, too

On the flimsiest of evidence, ChildLine and the NSPCC are now even spreading suspicion about the mother-child bond.

26 October 2009

‘Rescue’: a new PC term for repatriation

As the sex-trafficking scare is exposed as a tissue of lies, Nathalie Rothschild spells out the need for full freedom of movement for migrants.

21 October 2009

What do family courts have to hide?

Opening up UK family courts to the public will not lead to social worker witch-hunts, but to greater public trust.

23 September 2009

Fifteen months for a foolish affair?

The jailing of a teacher who had a lesbian affair with a 15-year-old girl is a victory for legalism rather than justice.

10 September 2009

A transparent attempt at social engineering

The initiative to re-design pub glasses to stop them being used as weapons overhypes the problem and the solution.

21 August 2009

Lockerbie: what’s justice got to do with it?

International politics, not truth or fair play, has been the determining factor in the story of Pan Am flight 103.

20 August 2009

How about safeguarding innocent adults?

In the name of protecting children, new vetting procedures will condemn adults based on hearsay and dubious decision-making.

21 July 2009

Scanning hoodies’ brains: eugenics by the back door?

Is children’s charity Kids Company really planning to send a mobile scanner to examine tearaways’ brains? Yes and no, says the charity’s founder.