Crime and the law

Crime and the law

14 October 2010

The sad decline of
la femme fantastique

Proposing an online register of ‘rapists’ is the maddest thing Germaine Greer’s done since she puked on Big Brother.

22 September 2010

Who’s really scaring girls?

When politicians bang on about feral boys and wear stab-proof vests, it’s not surprising young women are fearful.

31 August 2010

Are Pentagon-paid goons crushing Wikileaks?

The idea that the molestation charges against Julian Assange were a dirty tricks campaign looks like pure political fantasy.

28 July 2010

Even grotesque fantasies should not be criminalised

Of course child sexual abuse is a heinous crime that should be punished. But fantasising about child sexual abuse should not be.

13 July 2010

Who turned Raoul Moat into Rambo?

The police authorities and media were the ones who seemed most delusional about the fugitive gunman’s powerful image and anti-hero status.

25 May 2010

A showtrial of children for being naughty

The conviction of two boys for attempted rape is not only a travesty of justice – it also exposes society’s screwed-up attitude towards childhood.

11 March 2010

‘New Britain’ was built on James Bulger’s grave

For the liberal intelligentsia to accuse Denise Fergus of warping law, justice and morality is blame-shifting of epic proportions.

10 March 2010

Don’t allow maniacs to shape the internet

Britain’s illiberal authorities are exploiting the tragic ‘Facebook murder’ to demonise social-networking sites.

3 March 2010

The paedophile panic: a product of elite hysteria

The government’s sex offenders disclosure scheme should remind us that it isn’t ‘the mob’ who are obsessed with paedos.

14 January 2010

‘Twelve angry men’ are better than one judge

The start of England’s first judge-only trial for 400 years is yet another blow to everyone’s democratic rights.