Crime and the law

Crime and the law

4 August 2008

Barry George: a victim of emotional tyranny?

The fate of Barry George shows that the sort of public mourning unleashed by Jill Dando’s death has a dark, vengeful side.

8 July 2008

Knife crime panic nears crisis point

As British society retreats behind an anti-stab vest, the risk of being paralysed by fear grows far faster than the risk of being stabbed.

25 June 2008

Let’s unmask this travesty of justice

The use of anonymous witnesses in criminal trials is an assault on open justice and the presumption of innocence.

If 42 days detention was wrong, how about 548?

A new directive allowing EU states to detain immigrants for 18 months makes Britain’s new anti-terrorism laws seem liberal.

19 June 2008

Design can cut crime

The director of the Design Against Crime Centre responds to Martyn Perks’ claim that designers are bowing down to the UK government’s authoritarian agenda.

28 May 2008

Why knife crime cuts us to the quick

The deep insecurity in our society has fuelled a national panic, despite the UK having one of the world’s lowest youth homicide rates.

22 May 2008

Can design cut crime?

Government attempts to ‘design out’ crime by sticking anti-theft, noise-emitting devices around the country will make us feel less secure.

28 April 2008

REVEALED: the truth about the Jersey skull

The discovery of a bone fragment at a former kids' home in Jersey led to a media frenzy about paedophiles. The facts tell a different story.

4 February 2008

Stalked by an overblown fear of crime

The latest British Crime Survey show that the authorities are now lumping together minor acts of annoyance with serious cases of sexual assault.

2 February 2006

Who skews crime reporting?

Before fantasising about institutional racism in the media, police chief Sir Ian Blair should read some newspapers - and the Met's own press releases.