Crime and the law

Crime and the law

21 April 2009

Why are the police in a state?

Neither police brutality nor anti-police sentiment are what they once were in British society - yet the crisis of authority appears worse than ever.

18 February 2009

Warning! These photos may be useful to terrorists

PHOTO ESSAY: In defiance of a law making it a potential crime to photograph police, spiked went cop-snapping in London.

16 December 2008

Welcome to the Police Academy state

The shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes reveals the chaos within the institutions of the British state.

5 December 2008

This is no time to call the ‘design police’

By reorganising our lives around suspicion and the fear of crime, design can leave us feeling insecure - and less free.

21 August 2008

Drive this careless law off the statute books

A law that criminalises death by careless driving is New Labour’s ‘Dangerous Dogs moment’: desperate, crude, illiberal.

20 August 2008

Paedophile Imperialism

The British government is exploiting the odious Gary Glitter to smash freedom of movement and hector governments in the Third World.

19 August 2008

Blaming affluence for crime? That’s a bit rich

David Lammy’s ‘explanation’ for the teenage stabbings in London is a pointed attack on aspiration and prosperity.

4 August 2008

Barry George: a victim of emotional tyranny?

The fate of Barry George shows that the sort of public mourning unleashed by Jill Dando’s death has a dark, vengeful side.

8 July 2008

Knife crime panic nears crisis point

As British society retreats behind an anti-stab vest, the risk of being paralysed by fear grows far faster than the risk of being stabbed.

25 June 2008

Let’s unmask this travesty of justice

The use of anonymous witnesses in criminal trials is an assault on open justice and the presumption of innocence.