Crime and the law

Crime and the law

3 February 2011

Crime View: thou shalt fear thy neighbour

The crime-mapping website launched by the police and lauded by the media doesn’t empower us - it turns us into panicked netizens.

1 February 2011

Stop trying to balance liberty with security

Exaggerated fear of terrorism should not be allowed to water down our most fundamental freedoms.

27 January 2011

Being bedded by a cop is not sexual assault

The female activists claiming that they were violated by undercover police are doing women’s lib no favours.

17 January 2011

Less about saving lives than feeling superior

The UK-based attempt to abolish the death penalty in the US reeks of American Revolution-era condescension.

12 January 2011

It’s no surprise to see a police agent go green

The bizarre tale of PC Mark Kennedy reveals some unflattering home truths about both the British state and the eco-protest movement.

5 January 2011

Can the police solve a murder on Facebook?

The media circus surrounding the Joanna Yeates case reveals what can happen when a murder inquiry gets mixed up with a PR campaign.

15 December 2010

Individual liberty is in serious jeopardy

Why is no one in Britain outraged that this week a man was found guilty of a murder he was previously acquitted of?

9 December 2010

It’s Christmas, so watch out for rapists

A Xmas-hooked ad campaign designed to raise awareness about illegal cabs is exploiting women’s fear of rape.

7 December 2010

After Phil Woolas: the threat to democracy

A barrister argues that an election whose results can be overturned by judges is not a democratic one.

25 November 2010

Police on the verge of a nervous breakdown

A crisis amongst Britain’s boys in blue has led to a proliferation of erratic street wardens and watchmen - and they’re ruining community spirit.