Crime and the law

Crime and the law

19 July 2012

Inquiries, inquiries, everywhere

We need fewer inquiries and more politics, argues a paralegal currently working on public inquries.

3 July 2012

A crime against
the Olympic spirit

The creation of fast-track courts to deal with ‘Olympic offences’ sums up British officials’ miserabilism.

7 June 2012

Judges v politicians: courting disaster

Ken Clarke’s plan to extend closed court hearings shows the dangers of relying on the law to achieve change.

27 March 2012

An assault on ‘real’
men - and women

A London poster campaign about male rape is part of a trend to encourage us all to be victims in need of support.

15 March 2012

The moral crusaders who confuse sex with rape

Today’s relentless awareness-raising about an alleged epidemic of rape speaks to officialdom’s suspicion of interpersonal relationships.

15 March 2012

Stand up if you hate this law

Chanting ‘vile abuse’ at other footie supporters shouldn’t be a criminal offence – it is a vital part of being a fan.

8 March 2012

We're not all abusers until proven innocent

In casting us all as domestic abusers until the cops say otherwise, ‘Clare’s Law’ gives relationships a battering.

8 March 2012

Who hasn't done a
little bit of 'stalking'?

In criminalising stalking, the government is outlawing all sorts of normal, if lovelorn behaviour.

7 March 2012

This state cop-out is a menace to society

The outsourcing of police services to private companies is a far bigger deal than most people realise.

9 February 2012

A perverted ruling that degrades us all

A bizarre court order banning an autistic woman from having sex dehumanises people with learning difficulties.