Crime and the law

Crime and the law

8 March 2012

We're not all abusers until proven innocent

In casting us all as domestic abusers until the cops say otherwise, ‘Clare’s Law’ gives relationships a battering.

8 March 2012

Who hasn't done a
little bit of 'stalking'?

In criminalising stalking, the government is outlawing all sorts of normal, if lovelorn behaviour.

7 March 2012

This state cop-out is a menace to society

The outsourcing of police services to private companies is a far bigger deal than most people realise.

9 February 2012

A perverted ruling that degrades us all

A bizarre court order banning an autistic woman from having sex dehumanises people with learning difficulties.

1 February 2012

Don’t replace the drug laws with therapy laws

Campaigners who claim they want to liberalise the drug laws are in fact demanding more state control over drug-users.

24 January 2012

A mega attack on internet freedom

You don’t have to be a fan of the juvenile people behind Megaupload to be worried by the crackdown against it.

19 January 2012

Trial by jury: the case for the defence

We should fight hard to defend the right to a jury trial, which remains the ‘lamp that shows that freedom lives’.

25 October 2011

So, it wasn’t the gangs wot dunnit

New Home Office figures confirm that the craven attempt to blame England’s August riots on well-organised, evil gangs was pure fantasy.

10 October 2011

The global culture war over Amanda Knox

How did one woman become such a talking point? Because she got bound up in a clash between ‘louche America’ and ‘medieval Italy’.

3 October 2011

Knox: victim of an Italian soap opera

A supporter of the Injustice in Perugia campaign reports on the absolute dearth of evidence against Amanda Knox.